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Electronic Peeping Tom's

 These sic O's  are on the rise they like to spend time (lonely lost souls)spying on you and me. Some  are worse than othersothers.  They like to sting you with micro rays all night when your most vonderble  ( Head, vital organs, feet especially, ears and brain to make you foggy/absentminded or, headaches there's more but that's enough right now)
 Some will use their uses to demonic powers on you that Satan has given them gifts to control you. I've reciently had the priesthood  comm tomy home :as the three put sacred oil on my head, raised their arms to the square, and commanded them to depart in the name of Jesus Christ. (These left and I heard their portal door shut. It was amazing.) Later, They try to sneak back in but I command in the name of Jesus Christ to depart and they did  except the one that has a body and a has been following me for sometime (and, him!).
 It fancies himself as a "remote viewer" with special powers,gifts and abuilities; and uses his radio software they use to track powerful on aire problems back on me. I know it's this  particular guy because when he's on here I have no problems it's only when he's get off aire.
 The next morning he's there waking me up sringing me and harassing me. I've had to cover my head so not to be depressed, use metallic clothing and learn to use anything that won't work in the microwave. I have to hide/cover my Iphone and iPad because he can hear we are on his map what I'm doing and he will move there. 
You have to turn them completely off (mute,do not disturb etc. that seems to work )but that doesn't always Work.
 I had to get rid of my cable TV because he can utilize any electrical power; I have no computer no he has destroyed it so many times that I don't have money to keep it so I got rid of it it was junk anyway by the time we got to do with it.They don't like it when you turn off the sound and I can't hear you or your black out your screens. I won't get another while I have this problem. And if I do it will be an apple so it's crypt.
 I've learned to  turn off certain  high wattage energies which takes volumes (a lot of juice at night ) that's connected to your bedroom etc. close doors;  remember it's a robot so if you can't get energy in your bedroom and you got a  battery of any sorts it will  depleat that battery to low. 
 They're trying to fool us when saying it ALL a plane over head or, they been implanted by physicians or, UFOs or/and Other kinds of means .  However , it's really coming through your electrical wires ; to  this theory,you'll need to ground them to block them (electrical tape works great  most of the time ) not on all things but buy some metallic material on some other things metal jewelry will stop them.)at least this will give you a start -try things yourself tested them out.
 Remember they're very smart and experienced they will turn the  voltage down and sneak up like a  the serpents they are, back on you gradually Zapping you of energy  to a hopelessness State. After a while you'll able to detect this...i use my reliable sources to stop it'sPowers.I have to protect my head at night especially.
 It's 24 hours a day every single day yes you can buy these softwares on the net it should be against the law for novices to use it on the public.They should have to have a license to even buy it as if a gun.It's not against the law to buy it now but it is against the law to harass anyone using surveillance. But, who's going to catch them.
 As elite get caught in her bad acts that can be blackmailed and broadcast will get  red a different way; but, as for now we have to endure.
I could call this radio station it wouldn't do any good.  He's a manipulator everybody loves him he's a boss he's a jerk so no one will be fired;  and, the other thing in this bottom line is People don't care it's not them if you don't need this knowledge until it attacks you. I think twice about leaving my name and personal information on any dating service. I think he/she d be here

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