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Survival Group Letter 1

I've dictated this LETTER on my I Phone into my e-mail early in the morning while I’m more refreshed. I don’t get enough peace during the day on the computer to type anymore. It is a it is...talking style.  It dawned on me I'm spending too much time on the word; "surveillance." I'm actually talking about someone coming into your home and electronically manipulating in someway you to do something you don't want to do or, and to harm you which is totally different than just a peeping "surveillance." At the bottom of this letter I've copied some of the programs which is just to give you an idea on how they get in.
Look to your lists of for continuous odd telephone calls, who may say they have the wrong no. (but how many times?)  mark them and keep track of them. Especially if they ask questions like who is this?
Do you want to say it's your dime who are you calling? But it catches you off guard and you say more than you should. Hang up, be careful here. Most especially if they have a foreign accents. This number has called me lots. From Gardena Ca. 310 386-8251 I called right back and it said it have been disconnect? They've changed their ph no many times! CALL FBI NSA CIA and your ph carrier.

 However, I can't explain how they can attack you late at night, physically; your hearing, mind, memory, side/back, neck, organs and so forth.
I have to quit posting as it so bad for me I just can't handle it's repercussion's. I don't seem to be getting support from anybody else; so, maybe this isn't a need anymore. Noting seems permanent or, lasts long as they find holes and, then, too many back demons? move in place? I no longer will be posting unless I fine  CURES!
 Goodbye and good luck, God speed respectfully, RW
After an awful night I found out more knowledge to pass on. Remember to keep a journal even a public one like I'm doing is better than nothing and it keeps testimony on their heads. If you come up missing ill or otherwise dead they could do another type of investigation. We need investigation on these attacks and statistics on reports rather than useless statistic's on other matters that mean nothing.
The more I do the more concentrated and sophisticated my attacks become. The software companies I'm sure are not pleased with my reports of their priorities to Lane people permanently in a lot of cases.
As I was attacked with on my ears that's why I wear this headgear at night to project my ears and my head from being zapped of energy. It looks ugly but I don't have a partner and I wonder if they don't pick on us because we don't have a partner no testimony no witness. Again we need statistics and people are afraid of speaking out.
It’s a New Day! 💤The best time of attack is when you're not moving as they...continue dictations-
They can't catch up with you when you're  on the move they can't concentrate on A moving object so nighttime is the best and they can slowly sneak up on your feet your head your ears heart longs or anything you mention that is your particular problem. They can't see and if the sound is not on your computer they can't hear where you are.
I tried metallic scarves last night try them for yourselves see if they work. The more I reveal the more they sabotage me and my efforts.
Remember to ground think grounding out current or microwaves and you'll be there faster there is no answer because it's a game with them they are using you as a guinea pig for future development of their product for specific reasons to their un humane buyers.
What I wanted to report is I have “air concentrater” that they've gotten into because of the electric current and it was close to my bed. I've learned to turn my air off at night which is abominable for those who need oxygen.
I learned this morning after not being able to take entire of their antics of distractions to me that turning it off is not enough on plug.
2: The second thing I learned is praying as you well know doesn't solve the trial. However, Heavenly Father is listening; you just need to say the right thing to get you through this trail. The right thing for me last night was to say; Father in Heaven help me to move when and where I need to and do what I need to before they spent me of all my energy and injure me. And, he doesn't answer? Yes
Remember, he wants the problem solved for many people across the world and we need to do something about it so he's not going to solves all the problem ours himself. He needs help and we’re not puppets.
I'm going to keep on + up my letters to help others but I am going to be cautious. This is my mission to do for now. I pray God will bless you with your particular problem to solve it the best you can with what we have on hand. If you can get a friend make a group and get action from Washington or the FBI.
We have the ability to sue these companies and should and we can do so as a group when we can prove we were injured that's the problem and they know it. But the movement is beginning and as long as they're doing it where can I get there. May God bless you and your efforts, through all your trials I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
fuse-box ?
desperation for sleep as, (They can plant in you mind to end your life at night)
read: microchip-implantsre-michael-bell's book
It seems to work the same, however we are not all microchip YET!
#3. continued dictation:
Remember I said you could use someone else s phone for pertinent information you don't want these people to hear. However don't do it in your own home of course he/she can hear. You can get a landline but they can hear your conversation on your phone; its in your house. If you have a landline it might not do you no good
at all I think about it. If you do get another phone get it in another name if you can and always use it on the out air renew yourself and then come in be careful in what you mention inside your home to anyone else as they have ears It's awful to live like this. (if need be set them up with false info-) My worry is many uninformed or most people they target are so unintelligent to know what they're doing and what's being done to them and are harming permanently especially the ones that have a violent or angry nature.
*Experienced: I'm not a cussing person but, ever once in a while a bad spirit will come in that is really angry at me. Out of my frustrations, angry mouth; I will say some of the worst things. After a bit of time passes, I realize on what I done or said that which is not normal for me. I know "they? can influence our normal nature to become more abnormal like cussing when you don't. I study behavior and personality psychology in college and have a minor degree in Ed. Psy. so I am aware of behaviorism's. I'm single, they work best on loners and seniors who they play on our memory's and such.
Take a look at the software: don't buy but report abuses, view the You Tube for deponent peoples comment i.e.

 How to stop your phone from being tracked is on YouTube.
Your not alone!

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