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Surveillance Survivors Group Rescues

Surveillance survivors group
If you know somebody that is using surveillance software turn them in. It is against the law. The CIA-FBI would be happy to know who's doing surveilling/harassing/harming who and why and then to confiscating/raid their spying equipment (as used on computers + phone and all their software) we need to get into a vigilante mode. It has drain you of energy at night and make you appear mentally unfit, making senior lose mental abilities', memories and more. I believe they're trying to slowly to kill you or harm you.
If you know someone turn him in for an FBI investigation; tattletale on your co-workers etc. to save somebody or you're just as guilty. If he's using his job to do this in anyway; we need to sue for compensation and then,  basically to hit them where it hurts in their pocket book. They are quality for harming us all. They have no license to intrude in our lives or spy. The seller/buyers of these products are animals and should be shut down.  Here we need to start. They have legal right to sell it but not to use it.
They are impossible to get rid of.
Prayer is hopeful to find a way out for the night.

*You have many grounding possibilities in your own home. You just need
to look for them. This all metal lamp if you touch it can clear and
ground out their current if you keep your hand on it (in an
attack). It will ground out/clear "its" interferences. Listen for the click or
odd noise. (Don't get confused and think your being attack if you
hear those noises) from where ever it's coming in from. If you hear
this noise you've stopped but they will move on. Stop, wait and Stop
and listen where it came from before trying another tactic listed
here. It may have been blocked. It can take a lot of wattage so you;
may hear snaps that's normal and confirms to you this is real. unless
they'll sneak for vital organs like eyes, brain, heart, lungs and on the
body. You'll feel foggy if the-minded and sleepy if the brain is
being attacked and low energy. Some will feel depressed with thoughts
that may come into their minds to do away with themselves out of hopelessness or worse. At night a unusual dream they can plant too.
Not a good photo. It as all metal lamp by my chair. Discovered the all metal pole will clear
out interference's accidently. I've got one by my bed too.

They'll attack women breast i.e. (Use a small copper safety pin), the
strange thing is it will stop the ping and or itch. Listen to the
spirit when it says try this; do it!
I found while eating, in front of me, some potato chips; I heard a
faint snap. They're in metal bags, it obviously works too as I heard
a click when eating from these kinds of bags.
Make a mental note of those snaps!
*Hide your phone,(put it on air plane mode and for more privacy turn
it totally off.) Use a neighbors for bank call or something you don't
want them to hear and record. Keep computers off. and unplug! it cut
them off.
Some things I find it wasn't that powerful if their volume is up.
Remember they can turn up the volume. These latest suggestions here I
found accidentally. Form groups use pseudo names when communicating
it might be one of them.  
*Pay attention to the spirit use metal or metallic/shiny scarves
around your neck, on your hair. Buy some new scarves that shiny at
the material store. Try one out first to see if it blocks waves
coming in. (STOP, WAIT, OBSERVE AND LISTEN) You can use also try
metal rods by your bed at the foot etc. too. Their favorite time to
attack is three a.m. when you're tired, exhausted, need sleep late and
helpless; be prepared to get up and adjust if need be. 
I find wearing metal necklaces and Hair ornaments also works don't be
too obvious your friends will think you're nuts.
Sabotaged photo can't fix? It still gets my point across
Get rid of shoulder, back-aches they cause.

 If you want to stay on the computer along time try getting a
protection shield for the window as they can see you, turn off the
sound. As they will slowly creep in on you with fatigue. If you need
me I can't help I have about two following me. One is a parasitic
demon using this opportunity for the devil's purposes. I have gotten
rid of them for a season in the name of Jesus Christ. I have
discerned the differences. I add this here for you to know you may
corral one but you need to get rid of the other in a different
manner. They use the same paths, because demons need
Use what you have in your house do you have a metal bowl here's a way
to use it and it works how to keep it on that's your problem ❤ pseudo name is RW
@Los Angeles

When they try for minds/illnesses (as they listening to your aches
and pains, keep quiet!) that's a low blow for seniors and they do it
purposely. Any where they can get you they will try. You'll noticed
your iPhone will carry or jam messages or, act funny that's when
they're attacking.
*Use metal framed glasses the strange part of this
story is it stops. The other thing I wanted you to notice here on
this picture besides me looking stupid(you're home alone who cares.)
Use hair-bands for the hair. They can come in handy if you safety pans underneath. It stops them to your head, better if they have sparkles. They want to rob/sap you of energy. This all sounds
crazy Huh? unless your going though it. Try it. Here's a test now see if it works; do you have more energy?

now I promise you things will change wrap your phone and metallic
scarves you could hear it but they can't get through so much. They
will try to turn down their levels current or volume. You'll get use to their sneak
attacks such as with the eyes sight, blur vision, ears plugged etc. but, you can feel it if you've lived with this long enough.
I can barely write this they've done every trick/tactic to stop this?
Why? Never connect to Infinity or public Wi-Fi. I just got switched so he can read this.2
please add comment, no spam, thanks
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