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*New governmental surveillances, corporations with many using their software programs that sell them are all a type of rape of America/world. Or some sort of sexual harassment to governmental spying; (+ to/from whom or which country?) It bigger than you think.
*This is for: If you have a real strong suspicion and/or it's not going away, and/or think your crazy read on. Does your computer have a mind of it's own, jumps, does it's own thing, goes off or will not let you have the wheel. What you write is missing it doesn't like? You may have this surveillance . <---G. Noory's posts brain washing...listen closely.

Does you phone give out current, act strange, movements; works along with the computer this maybe a sign also. How far will they take it? When will it stop? Is it your imagination? Do your research. You'll be surprised, all countries are doing this new mode of spying with or with out governing laws to protect people.

I've used the creativity of the "dream catcher" as a analogy to "psychic" or psychology catcher. WHICH MAY IN PART, turn in on you as all the surveillance drive you mad as it will attract the unholy alliances with the unknowns.

*You may have to get a new URL, get off the "grid" to any further electrical surveillance, at least un plug until you absolutely need its current.
Or, could this another psyche set-back or, mentally episode your hosts are using and playing off of, or, such as drugs or too much herb (the same thing can happen as some are just as strong as drugs?) But, lets go on as if this is not the case.

*PHONE: the carrier of sound from TV's and computers as they will tattle on each other to control you. Keep the phone behind a closed door bath room, wrap in aluminum foil, tape washer (metals behind them, wrap in rubber bands. Or, under rubber mats or rugs. Don't let them capture the phone. The hackers can get all information you give to others from your conversations to doctors, banks, friends, and family. This list is a long one. You can place it in a dry sink in the bath room, and turn on the fan to cover up any conversations.
TELEVISION: Does it have a camera” put a removable sticker on the lens, including front and back of phone. Newer TV sets are worse. They can listen better if on the same channel. Cable is harder to detach from these spies. Try going to Antenna. You can block the signals better. More later on this later.

+TACKTIAL USE: They change them as soon as you find where they're hiding or where they will hit. I don't believe all of it is a machine or robots We need to sue the countries or states that use spying on their citizens as they need a court order as you would when evading anyone’s home. as they will also spying on our government officials etc. too. Morning and evenings are the worse times as that's when we're most venerable. Our advantage they can only hear when you let them, they're sightless too. Don't use social media's, computer's, cell phone that includes Radio's. They use their voltage's. SYMPTOMS: I call these my DREAM CATCHERS, from the Navajo’s.

Psyic catchers maybe needed if they play with your mind
Their hits can saps you of energy, hits of their various rays of voltage to eyes, vital organs can make you fatigue, lethargic, as it will then leads to depression, to a suicide state is their aim, killing off their chosen ones. They want you to loose control and think your crazy. You are not. Many, see You Tube has experience these symptoms.
Is it a phone surveillance, or a bad spirit (demon) whose using the ride too? It can be hard to tell the difference of these tw. Get rid of one to expose the other.
Read their comments.
+  REMEDIES: Remember all currents can be grounded or corralled. You may hear sounds with they miss or it didn't worked, if their voltage is high it's louder or they use the sneak approach at night is the worse. Make a safe place go outside without your phone when it gets bad. Try a penny and other metals such as nails, screws, rubber, rubber bands, safety pins, etc. They like to pay games and don't antagonizes them. (o on the full armor of God for inspirations to come, listen closely for the inspiration. Kava Kava or Coconut seems to help our brain area miss-fires when over-stimulation occurs and stay away from stimulates even coffee.
Expose the "rapist" and he is ruined, they all need to be exposed.
They need to put copper and or rubber in all cell phones i.e. to stop these strikes from these snakes from hell who want to destroy you and play with your soul. Now who could they be working for?
+UNENBODIED SPIRITS CAN HOOK-ON: And do, ask for protection from your guardian or spiritual guide, higher power and/or “God.” In the name of the Savior these will depart will work but they have legions and will be back.
Listen to spiritual or soft up music. These spirits get bore easy and will want to go. Ha ha. Whatever you do don't entertain them as they may seem like they are your friend i.e. They love attention.
I posted this before the story was switch with an old one?
Please add your comments, no spam, thanks
Here's a Testimony: Dudley Dawson 3 months ago
I have been targeted for at least a year by this electronic harassment for at least a year now.( My neighbor checks all the boxes as a gang stalker electronic harasser)  It seems to run off of cell phone towers and satellites( cell phone technology) as well as the power grid in the home. IF they can link up to a GPS in your car and cell phone I would assume they can target people as well. It is 24 hours a day, much of it sounds artificial meaning a super computer.
They're many more; see YouTube i.e. (If you listen closely the host speaks on more devices to stop some of this new kind of surveillances.)

Coast To Coast AM - December 12, 2016 Harmful Technology & Finding Bliss
Coast To Coast AM - December 12, 2016 Harmful Technology & Finding Bliss Entrepreneur and…

This is one of the worst trials that's happen to me. Their controlling aim, don't tell nor write!
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