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Pat Sherman
It's the invisible crime. National security gone wrong. A new unique silent weapon system with no traces. This will kill you, causing heart, attacking your ammine system, voices, attacks if bad depressions and more. Turn off your phone, put it on airplane mode. They can zero in on your whereabouts & attack at night when sleep The best time to lame/kill you i.e. Keep phone off at nights. i.e. helped me. I call this a artist license to  my term "psych catcher," if this works your being harassed for sure. It goes away until you use your computer with your cell phone. Are you ready for the new "planted "chips"? 666? Crazy's are here and in control, or are they and will they lose their new power. Can they kill our President, his family and/or others or have they done it already and we don't know? It's more like John the Baptist a for-runner to destructions ahead. This photo is a PUN!
Did it work?
 Make it of lead and nickel (metal) or rubber for interfering with
their elec. microwave currents?
 However, an example of how sic physically and/or mentally this subject can become.
Some suggest EM devices, Orgonite that draw out negative fields?
I suggest prayer for inspiration, it where I get mine, and keeping your mind
open to individual solutions. Do keep a journal of your experiences,
they may help others.
This makes you feel like your crazy and no one will believe you: Electrical shielding system AUTHOR: (Roger Tolces) counter measures this torcher to be more, as least tolerable. hear You Tube
RE: "Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Low" 
It's the invisible crime.
National security gone wrong. A new unique silent weapon system with no traces. This will kill you, causing heart, attacking your ammine system, voices, attack more.
Turn off your phone, put it on airplane mode. They can zero in on your whereabouts' & attack at night when sleep i.e. Keep phone off at nights. i.e. Book: The Invisible Crime will help with more suggestions as they attack each of us differently.
Pat Sherman
Affairs & Microchip Implants: FIFTY PERCENT of the public may have an implant from electronic technology (corporations). They  are satellite based (can sneak in on your TV, Phone, and I phones. Find out how Michael sabotages them such as earthling an higher kinds of magnets. When you get taken out. Save and SUE!

Survival Tactic 1. Turn off computer when not in use. Always keep sound off computer. Unplug and use on battery if ( "it") will not let you write or communicate) Lock computer up in a Wal-Mart freezer bag or metal i.e. container for short time storage holder. Do not travel with computer if this is a treat to you being alive or mentally well. Do the same to your IPhone. Never leave the lid up on your computer of I phone. so they can see/hear you and taking down notes. They may run in shifts, watch for a difference in their energy levels.
*Never: use public Wi-Fi, "Infinity" i.e. that allows them to get in when your on I phone or, a computer.
+FIRST; Understand how it works. Remove viewing Ha Ha ! (here's how they do it)
*  When you close: put your IPhone on air plane mode move the level of Brightness or light/dark to the darker hue. Don't entertain them and teach them what your doing.
*Google and Many others can be doing this also to find out information to sell to their third parties for money.  i.e
Tactic 2: Put you IPhone on plane mode and keep it there when not in use.
Never have these two items in your bed room. They will talk one another to let them know how to attack you as in Dreams, body i.e
Tactic's: Is to use us as a Ginny pigs. for "Chips" to follow, control buying and, to kill off who would be in their way to do so. Your It...the new chip technology is here and this tell them with all their experimenting what, ways they can accomplish it.

lock your IPhone in something you've noticed they can't penetrate your field. Metal box, freezer bags etc. Don't forget to up plug and lock the IPhone up for the night. They like to come late after you think every thing under control.

*Who could it be? One of mine was coming from a """Late Night talk show?...." (so, check your remote views on you computer) this  radio Show goes out to all the world? Lots of costumer's to test on with the right corrupted hosts and self promoting ads?  Where did it starts? How much? And, be sure to listen to all "its" cues or signals and (when does "it" gets up set and/or moves your curser i.e. or pages, or posts.
*Check and see if anyone's using your "remote viewers" and remote them.
*The I phone the key: Store in ovens, Dishwasher, bathroom in sink if thick, etc...It's your tattle tale to the other electric energies who tackle you. This is a precursor to everyone a "chip." installed for mind control of the masses. We are being use for experiments on personality types they might use and more. Think what it could do for us politically. The Devils tools.
(Frank Olson) Security Threats Experiments; it was on Jan 16th the National Geographic this Sunday was how the FBI history of using the same thing on people. Better do your research!
help! no such thing as remote viewing it spying with electric software (A new get money scam is to blackmail you to buy their book(?) or, software to remove this electronic surveillance's.) They simply stop following and harassing you the death!
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