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Harassments By Robots and Gadget

 •Mr. Robots Styx  Pay attention to his unrehearsed question! see Robotic Advancements & Mars/ Ancient Aliens   1. who educated the public who was too asleep to get its real implications.
*(see this  show if you can find it before it's destroys as it was on YouTube. 2. Read #Noory's first book on  the chapter on "Ouija board." Pay attention to the demonic powers used here, & what was done to victims.  Concern? (go to Amazon to view this portion of his book on the Ouija board) How much power does he have and is he still using it, ignorantly?)

Sir Charles Shults discussed the rapid advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and drones. The availability and affordability of drones is creating all new applications from agriculture to outer-space construction. On a consumer-level, there is a type of drone in which you put a chip in your pocket, and the drone follows you around from the air, recording live video of your movements, he reported. In many circumstances, you have to register your drone with the FAA, he cautioned. Drones are a real growth industry, with sales of $300 million this past year in the US alone.
Harassments By Robots and Gadget (pay attention as, it was one of the best shows and very revealing)
The last horse man is here watch for the signs of the desecration of man

Regarding robotics, we can expect a huge drop in the cost of human-like robots over the next five years because China is moving to get into the industry in a big way, he detailed. China is developing robots to take the place of waiters and hotel staff, and we will see a huge increase of companion robots to converse with people over the next five years, Shults envisions. We are on the verge of combining biological and mechanical elements, and eventually people will be able to buy hybrid cyborg devices, he marveled. Shults also updated his research of Martian anomalies (view related images), and suggested that Mars had a decent biosphere as recent as a few thousand years ago that may have sustained primitive life forms. (Gone on You Tubes?)
(this has been remove, rightly so, as it shows how anyone with his software can spy's and hijack's your social medias, computers, phones, gain access bank accounts, privacy's, then on to your family where about's etc.. and hurt you. Yep it can happen to you. 

A sick lover can follow you? Or, NASA i.e.

It come in through a energy electronic source like (radio) then moves onto the rest of your electric modes following you and does a lot of damage to you like a ghost they may bring in too. Jabo (?) was mention as only one of the software's there are many. Pay attention to the odd questions the host's asks? (Nov. 15th 2016 show) What does he know and why?
Is your computer jumping about, or does it act a bit strange, have you had to have it in the shop too often, can you get into your tweets or accounts lately etc., does you phone seem like something else is on there too, TV i.e. ?  Can  they see-listen in too? Why, amusements? undress in front of them too!
This happen to me and is happening as we speak! Do they just harassed women or are they looking for money in our bank accounts for drug or where we buy?. One can only guess. If I return their currents off they're gone. It another way you can tell its not just your imagination. Test it.
MY GET BACK PLAN: This process can be returned by using their programs found on line back their numbers and use their plan back on them and don't do business with the on them in any form. On their business, radio host/corporation's i.e. or, call in numbers, it's host's may be the harasser? Use their phone number and their own URL's and private phone  numbers to nail them to their own demise. It's time for desperate actions.  Tie up their lines?
URL's can be gotten by having, using,  a free invisible site meter (Google them) one is or, using another computer or taking your computer to a shop that can show you how to do this.
Their not just using your computer. Your phone they will listen to where your at and what you say. The computer only tell them what your doing and collecting more data. All current one they get in will be a transmitting of they're thievery. FCC? call. I don't mention how to survive because they'll patch the holes in all programing.
This can be used to terrorize/spy on any country as a devil's advocate.
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