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Electronic Surveillance, Art Bell


Did you know, one g and up can damage the brain from cell phones. They can control and turn the voltages up. I think they should be sued and jailed.
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There is a law against surveillance, this guy is an expert in his field and does this for a living. There has been heavy fines too. (Cell Phones) Even when cell phone is off it can be tracking and listening.
Or, could it be more:
Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about different types of psychic attacks, and energy vampires. He defined psychic attacks as intrusions aimed at a person's soul or subconscious mind from invisible forces, which represent negative energies that originate in the lower astral plane. The symptoms of such attacks could include loss of appetite, sexual impotency, fevers of unknown origins, dullness of the mind, seeing silhouettes that quickly disappear, negative telepathic messages, or a string of bad luck, he cited.
Goldberg believes such negativities are preventable through various psychic self-defense methods, which include staying physically healthy, avoiding emotional energy vampires, balancing chakra energies, connecting the subconscious mind with the higher self, and contact with enlightened spirit guides. Such guides give off a feeling of sincerity and humility but don't try to control you like a lower astral entity might do, he noted. Goldberg also outlined five different types of human energy vampires-- robotic, ethereal, insecure, paranoid, and passive-aggressive, and said that mother-daughter and husband-wife relationships can sometimes play into one of these dynamics.  (loved this show and thought it tied into the others posts on software surveillance's.)
George Knapp adds the theorist of these "parasites'':
Paul and Ben Eno joined George Knapp on Coast to Coast am to discuss the interconnectedness of various out-of-the-ordinary phenomena. After decades of research, the father/ son team has come up with a "unified field of weirdness" based on the scientific theory of multiverses. Paul described the basic idea as an "elegant and free interaction between parallel worlds where all possibilities exist" and where our experience of strange phenomena occurs at places where the different universes meet. In essence, they believe that all possibilities exist at once, and that we often see strange things in areas that Ben referred to as "thin places," where the boundaries between our reality and other realities are not as defined. He added that all sorts of phenomena from UFOs to ghosts are often "going on simultaneously in the same area" in many cases they have seen.
They went on to describe their efforts to move beyond materialistic science. Paul pointed out that "in the west you take things apart to understand them, in the east, you put them together," which is the idea that informs their method. He recalled a meeting with an Australian Aborigine elder in 1979 who told him that he was on the right track with his pursuit of his holistic view. He said that shamans in indigenous societies are able to visit alternate realities where an affected person is not ill and bring that possibility back to our existence in order to heal.
Both Paul and Ben emphasized the human-centered nature of paranormal events, saying it is the witness that gives the encounter its meaning and power. "People are haunted, not places," Paul said. In the case of so-called "possessions," the Enos have developed a theory of psychic "parasites" that they say attach themselves to people and feed off of their fears and attention. They feel that the best way to rid victims of this type of problem is with positivity.
As an example, they recalled one case where an apparent "parasite" was banished by using a joke book and humor. Paul cautioned anyone from getting into "ghost hunting" since he has seen many have their lives ruined by emotional turmoil, drugs and broken marriages.
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