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Is it innocent sexual harassments (a Rape of sorts) ? Spying on your mate or lover or a new terrorism tool from Government here or aboard?
 Here are some of my suggestions as it's happened to me.
Who do you report it too and will they believe in the spy devil ghosts of un embodied spirits (for the lack of another words) who live as internet parasites as what the evilness's of men who can hook on if you use these new spyware software programs. You could try some of these like; (Use the link to find a program to get back if you know it's them)

They can see and hear you on computers, phone and newer TV's

RE: Coast To Coast AM Electronic Harassment Special with Guest Marie Kayali and others

Get a new URL? or change computer's. Take into a shop or some computers can change your URL
Get a new computer, "it" listens through the TV, and cell phone. Their is spyware for each of these media's.
You may need to keep your cell phone in a DRY sink in the bathroom so the rays (current) can't be used as a tattle tale speaker)
The Phone and computer can tell them where you are...if they're getting through TV
Cable can be a problem too, switch to antenna or another Co.? Can we run-away or turn it back on them? Can they be traced? Sue the company's that produce the programs.
To discover where and how their getting to abuse you. You'll need to be very observant.
Test some of these suggestion to see if it will work. If it does they find another hole to get in.
When you've had it: Turn off power at night on TV, Computer, Radio, especially the ones into the black arts i.e. (Also, They need electricity to work)
When you go on line they can see if they've had a hit and listen to your comments. Watch what you say, where your going i.e.
My visiting teacher told me of the trick so spying software cannot take photo of you. On you phone put a sticker on the viewers front and back.
They maybe recording you and getting all your information on where you visit and your passwords too.
If they rest too long in one area, they can make very uncomfortable and make you sic. depressed (head area) eyes (ruin sight) or, in other words they more you know (permanently, lamb you) and who sap you of energies leaving you fatigue and for the wanting of sleep. They don't sleep, (the one who have no body's). They can race up your heart at night while you sleep i.e.
They can increase the voltage, or sneak up or slowly back up.
They have some sort of gages to tell where you've been. (keep moving if it becomes a problem)

Who do you know that is a major problem in your life?

They have friends. Other cultures? They are out to destroy as in any spiritual or temporal War and don't forget the "Black Arts", Ouija boards- could have started their demonic powers. Their out of control. You need to find ways to keep all controls.
THE KEY IS TO GROUND out THEIR CURRENT. Unfortunately I can't share for obvious reasons.
It you can shut them down by turning off their not a voice i.e. it's the real thing. When you change tactic's so will they. We need to get their phone numbers too, and URL and some business that use this weapon.
If you hear a snap, that means you've blocked their current. But, they'll be back as they are not human a machine/software and are heartless. But, human's set it up and are behind it both want control of you. Also their tactic change when yours changes. Sometimes it a uncomfortable feeling, tingling, i.e move in another direction to see if it goes away. I cannot speak more because they'll block them for me and you. Be cleaver, prayerful, and ingenious in your rebuttal. You have rights and they are totally out of line. I predict this will grow in a wickedness. I just want to make others aware of what maybe happening to them or can happen to them when they're completely unaware of what is really going on. This process has shown me it can kill too. Remember: their no honor among thieves, it will come home to roost.
No Laws? Get Back Time! Find out who's doing it  then get back with their own devices. Find out their URL's, phone numbers, where they work, and shut them down. Their may be a demon too, that will hook on to these devices. Are you righteous enough to get rid of them. Go outside to see or hear if it's follow and command it in the name of Jesus Christ to depart. However if it your host this will not happen to the business/host using your power grids.
New Laws on this new piracies, and our privacy's ? Everything is at risk here. Think of our government's privacies- gone. It's truly a new frontier.

Write more later.
Addendums: 1. URL-There are site free site meters which give the URL's and other data to trace whose viewing and possible looking. I've use one that was invisible, not Google's because it's not all correct as it doesn't get all your traffic. Choose invisible numbers or white i.e.
2. 1 g and up surveillance on a cell phone can be damaging to the brain. (see-Art Bell Show on electronic surveillances on You Tube.)
3. I've used my creativity in writing to the Navaho's "Dream Catcher" as a analogy to "psychic" or psychology catcher. WHICH MAY IN PART, turn in on you as all the surveillance drive you mad as it will attract the unholy alliances with the unknowns.

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