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Richard Syrett: Autism

I was interested in what was said by MS Cullen. The more she talk it reminded me of similar events with my first child son Kym. He didn't talk till he was 3 and never stopped being busy, super sensitive, polite child. The doctor put him on retalin and some sort of Dr s advice which I've forgotten.
It made  my Kym a Zombie which I couldn't stand the way he looked and acted and took him off the med.
He was much better when his brother Shannon arrive, Shan led and Kym developed more as he followed his brother. He didn't do well in school, would never sing. I wouldn't allow anyone to push him to do so. I put him into piano, and bought him a violin to keep his over active mind busy as an ittal minds can do. His father had a stuttering problem as a boy and music/singing helped him conquered it. If Kym had to be busy lets give him plenty of creativity to do so. (Keep them busy and out of trouble was my motto.)
Kym was gentle and kind. He didn't take to school, but had a natural knack toward mechanics. He got good grade in auto mechanics and building. His art work showed a modern mechanical twist to it.
Their was a Scout Master in my Church that had a small engine repair shop. I went to him and bargain if he'd hire my son he would work free for a year for him. Kym worked their two years then got a job at sixteen at a auto shop and he's has never looked back.
Next he went to the Teck College in desile Mechanics and got hire right away. He a supervisor over a fleet of Waste Management big truck. Loves his work.

Kym saw when he was born. He said, "Mom you've never seen the colors I saw coming from the tunnel when coming here. (I'm a artist) He saw other visions too. I never mentioned that anything was unusual about what he saw. The reason is I've never know Kym to lie, be dishonest or exaggerate. So I knew he saw what he saw, and didn't want discourage more.
The point these ADHD kids or artistic don't fit our moles, we just have to watch for an opening for them to shine through.

As I learned how to do stock trading and taught Kym what I knew. At the corporation he works for gave him a portfolio of stocks package for the employees.
He learn Mechanic math; English, computer in their own departments at this Teck. So, now he figures numbers. He began to watch what he had in this portfolio then added to it using what I taught.
I love to hear him talk about what he's doing with his portfolio. I noticed he's moved ahead of me and bewilders me at his knowledge. However, he does "male stock."
These children are slower but, in some cases can catch up by using their own re-routing of skill in their brain. I did the same.
My mother and brother had some developmental disabilities yet these skills were better before their deaths.
Tahni Cullen, who shared her family’s journey with their son Josiah, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. At 7 years old, Josiah began typing words on his iPad, revealing surprising wisdom from such a young, nonverbal child, including messages that seemed to come from Beyond. ========================================
ALSO on this You Tube see, Published on Sep 18, 2016 Coast To Coast AM - September 17, 2016 Howard Hughes' Secret Life & Autistic Boy's Messages. In the first half, researchers Mark Musick and Douglas Wellman joined Richard Syrett to discuss the history-changing story of Eva McLelland and her reclusive life married to a mystery man she discovered was Howard Hughes. It was followed by Tahni Cullen, who shared her family’s journey with their son Josiah  c2c  (Idiot savant, autism, IDHD, or brain disorders all are inter related)
**Conflict A comment make a point: tanshihus128 minutes ago As weird as this sounds, it probably isn't Josiah who is answering her questions. He sounds like a Shaman or a Medicine man talking to spirits to prophecy the future. However there are clues in the story which seem to hint that the mother is projecting an adult personality onto her seven year old child. The I-pad that he uses to communicate with is the mother's and not his. She insists that he presents information that he hasn't been exposed to you such as 'Auntie', a woman that Josiah never could have met. Information which his mother is privy to but he is not. This is sort of a variation on Munchhausen's by Proxy but instead of wishing for the child to be ill so she can care for him, she's wishing for him to be normal but still caring for him.
Howard Hughes' Secret Life & Autistic Boy's
**Wolfram Raven Poe4 days ago
Speaking with dead people’ I didn’t understand this until I searched: Deathbed visions – Sir William F. Barrett 
“Allie says, ‘Children do not stay children; they grow up as they do in this life.’” Mrs. H. then said, “But my little daughter Mary fell, and was so injured that she could not stand straight.” To this Daisy replied, ” She is all right now; she is straight and
beautiful; and your son is looking so noble and happy.” “‘Once she said: ” Oh, papa, do you hear that? It is the singing of the angels. Why, you ought to hear it, for the room is full of it, and I can see them, there are so many; I can see them miles and miles away.”
 **tanshihus11 day ago
I've been interested in demystifying the paranormal.  After thinking about it for a bit, I can add something else to this and that would be a brain condition known as Hypergraphia.  Mrs. Cullen describes the writings that she has identified as Josiah's originally didn't have blank spaces between the words or any punctuation.  Sort/of/just/stringing/together/a/long/line/of/words/that/seem/to/make/some/kind/of/sense/if/you/can/separate/them/at/the/right/places.  Cullen knows just where to break the characters in her son's dialog.  There is a form of hallucination where words, sometimes unknown ones, will appear in the mind of a person.  Some of these people have ascribed the words that flash into their mind's as being communication with 'aliens', 'ghosts' or even 'possession by spirits'.  The common factors among these people are excessive levels of stress, a source of inflammation and acidosis of the blood.
**Leela3 days ago+tanshihus1
I find your idea intriguing. I like the way you point to a possible non-ordinary source for the child's writings, while not reflexively buying into the mother's particular way of trying to frame that source in conventional religious terms.

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