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What The TWO Clintons Do' Says About America?

Why do we like crooks? Do we have too many "entitlements" given as examples for leadership for too long of time? Did we pass them onto our kids too? If kids have too much the results is; they DON'T CARE! (give me, me, me)
Is it too enwoven inside our society? Is our society, now, reprehensive of the Clintons' bad behavior? If we believe the poll 1/2 of America say it's so.
When the last time you've been taken? Then ask why can they think they can get away with it.. Examples of the best BIG TIME CROOKS, Nixon move over! Because of them and who they've served we too have become a nation ruled by "Crooks" (?)


 What you need to know abt Hillary's criminal Clinton's foundation. Jerome Corsi has been a student and analyst of history, geopolitics and world affairs for decades. He discussed his recent work investigating how the Clintons amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in personal net worth, while building up their Clinton Foundation. He characterizes it as a sordid tale involving suspicions of Enron-like fraudulent accounting practices, as well as several "shell corporations" and "pass-through" bank accounts (which can't be tracked), set up by Bill Clinton. The Clinton Foundation was formed at the end of the 1990s when they were leaving the White House to initially fund Pres. Clinton's Library in Little Rock.  The two took a lot and I mean a lot from the White House. (Stole? no, entitlements we've given these thieves'. Someone turn them in and they had to pay  big.

However, the Foundation quickly started raising money for various charitable causes such as for earthquake relief in India, "but these were Clinton self-declared charitable purposes and it violated federal law in that they had no determination letter from the raise money for additional purposes," he argued.  Corsi compared such practices to what criminal "grifters" do in creating charities that play on people's sympathies, but actually use only a small percentage of the funds to assist in the stated cause.
Corsi was also critical of Bill and Hillary Clinton's enormous speaking fees, which ranged from $500,000 to $1 million per speech. Hillary was giving speeches for Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and never releasing the transcripts, "but clearly these firms, paying these kinds of fees, have to feel that they're buying access, have to feel they're getting influence". People should demand state-driven investigations of the Clinton Foundation, as it can be shown that they have diverted millions of dollars from their coffers, yet we don't know where the funds actually ended up.

.....Jerome Corsi is very knowledgeable Author on this Presidency and Clintons: Here is more reasons:
Obamas' our first black, muslim, and homosexual president. probably nothing like him will ever happen again? - C2C
Larry Sinclair: A homosexual-? and witness to all Corsi's accusations and his drugs habit too, maybe it's why he/she doesn't make sense (lies, cover up etc.)

The following were interesting commons made on You Tube.
*Lastly, J. Rivers also came out publicly and said Obama was gay a couple of week before she suddenly died. Many of his HS friends have also came out as far back as 2008 and said they always new Berry Soetoro aka Barak Obama as gay when he was growing up in Hawaii."
*History: "He was trained in a Muslim school and repeatedly raped as a child. This is mind control."
*THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GAY!!!!! These pedophiles run the world. Poor kids get thrown into Juvenile, or big brothers or boys towns and they are indoctrinated. THERE IS NO GAY -"
*"America" references the entire western hemisphere. The United States is the name of the corporation that he is president of. The "invested parties" are the Democrats and Republicans who have agreed to make this corporation merge with other corporations (E.U/Asian Union/N.A.T.O /Arab League The Vatican/London/Washington D.C. ) to form one global corporation. THE NEW WORLD ORDER!" One comment was Obama never uses "America"?
Their aim is to control America and be the heads of this new illuminati or, (Bohemian Sacred Grove members, look to see who these members are.) They are into blood sacrifices' and devil worshiping.
Ask why can they think they can get away with all of this? They're evil and examples of the best BIG TIME CROOKS, Nixon move over! Half the country's falling! If they don't repent and make restitutions wherever possible they'll eternally be in their own hell and so will we and, many others who follow these devils' .


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