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Water Technologies And Corporations Who Steal Water

RE: "As for water rights, yes, decades ago, the power elite wanted to make fresh water a money making product, now they managed to market it all to the public. We know stupidly pay $1 for a pint of water. Wall St. and investors can't make it a commodity without destroying all free sources with concentration's of poisons, and privatizing what was a part of nature. " (Para-phrased)

 I liked the above comment: It also, forces all who want better health, (the more influent can buy) must buy cleaner water. Even soon rain water will be made illegal to collect. If fact I've seen this in the news; some states it's illegal to collect rain water.

 The Bush's took (stole) water from the Great Lakes in Michigan. then resold it overseas. Nestles, Pepsi, Coke and others do the same marketing stratagems' and their are many other Wall Street Corporations coming aboard. After all the world is now in need the basic's WATER. The water is America's. We can't go to Japan and sell or set up shop within their territory's. However, buy land in America. See the map of all the new move in's. We, are losing water by droughts and it's becoming more precious than in some cases (country's) than gold. When a calamity happens these gluttonous company's make it rich on the tragedies.

Does the people make any money off their raping of America? No. Like everything else. We know about it but, can do nothing. Certainly the host of the this show was dense indeed. Listen to the woman call-in must of had too much intelligence on this subject for him to get it right. I was disappointed in Syrett's kick back attitudes.
The Bush's took over (stole) water from the Great Lakes in Michigan. then resold it overseas. Nestles, Pepsi, Coke and others do the same marketing stratagems' and they're are many other Wall Street Corporations coming aboard.
After all the world is now in need of basic's WATER supplies. Was this a commercial for this Salt Lake Corporation? I caught onto this by the time I got to the end. C2C does this a lot as with the so called the health show.
What can we do ? Turn it off, don't give them an audience (it will take them down) and don't buy from the these corps (stock investors don't buy, the money/stock will go down).
I don't buy unless the water is reverse osmosis which I can't do at home,, if you can buy a machine). Fracking with their chemical pollutant's ruined our water, environments, causes nature/earth to revolt. because we can't fight it with show like this. We need to do in some part to stop this. It's  company which sold is selling his money making program as Judas did with false information such as it remove radiation, not the so-called expert on water as he thinks or is hired to be.
Wrong side Syrett!

The claim: Kevin Collier, president of Collier Group, how their controlled-gravity separation technology might change the way we use, recycle, distribute, and increase the world's clean water resources. Collier’s first job out of college was designing jet engines, which he says prepared him for developing high-speed centrifuges used to purify waste water.
Collier says that his technology can also produce water for drinking and agriculture by separating out the harmful components by a combination of gravity, alternating magnetic fields, and reverse osmosis. He claims that the efficiency of the system is "extremely high." His company has produced a portable system that can clean fracking wastewater in the field so that it doesn’t have to be loaded into trucks and injected back into the ground, causing earthquakes and contamination of aquifers, as is the case presently. The system extracts the impurities in wastewater in an efficient way that makes the products easy to reuse or dispose of.
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