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Animal Communication's Is Real

"Even the rock can testify against them so scripture history says. It's because all "matter" is life. So are animals and anything that was created.
I've read a lot of books on psychotically part of animal, (goats in particular) etc. adopts you as their kid (herd mentality i.e.) The goat will kick if your a new nurse's (milks her) She becomes your mom. Other animals, dogs, birds will do the same.

To raise five children with only you acre of land we had to use it wisely. My husband was always in and out of jobs and I feared for my younger children being out of milk. So I maneuvered and got some milk goats to give the children some milk and to keep my boys out of being idol. I was into small proteins for small children so goats was my answer.
One year we got a small Billy-goat from the two nanny's we had. He was my favorite but I knew he wasn't going to last for long as Billy's' have a strong smell; when you pet them this strong odors goes onto you.
Goats like bushes, trees, bark i.e. they're great for cleaning up your property. I staked each one with out in its own area. Usually by the trees, fences but, had to watch them or they'd get all tangled up.
I, too, just had a kid; two daughters were a year apart. All by C-sections so it is especially hard on me that year.

I had to neighbor friends, Ruth and her sister, who decided I needed to get out of the house and take a break. They came to pick me up.

I was already when they came but when we got to the corner at this ugly, terrible, feeling took over. It was so compelling that I said I'm sorry I got to go back.

We we drove down the long fenced driveway and Ruth parked and saying they would wait in the car for me while I checked to see if anything was wrong.
One reason was because Ruth boy John was babysitting my five kids. He was a real good babysitter and I always paid double. He was the same age as my son. He loved to babysit.

I checked on every single one of them; no one was hurt, no fire, nothing.
Needless to say I was happy. Ruth said well it's probably a wise move to have come back or we would be worried and we don't know something may have happened if you were not here and we left it at that.

It was maybe an hour later I was prompted to go outside. Right by the fence that was along the driveway where we stopped the car and didn't think to look was my baby billy-goat. He was tangled in the chain that was wrapped around his neck. He was warm and had just chocked to death his body was limp.
I was raised on farms and always in need; so I wasted no time calling in one of my neighbors who had goats to help me dress it ago for food. We lived out by the airport in a ruel area where everybody has small farms and cows to milk. Many of them had goats too. I knew she would know what to do and how to make use of the meat. She came over butchered and hung it. We got another to cut up the meat into hamburger, steaks and for soups.

When my husband came home he took it down to another butcher to slice it up for the freezer Goat meat usually taste like lamb but better let.
One day I got some out and ate a steak by myself. I didn't know what it then but later thought it made me a bit weird. I began to be upset, crying, fearful and a bit panicky.

In fact I was so upset I call Ruth my neighbor and told her about my feelings after eating the meat. It was probably coincidence? Filed the experience away without really thinking it thoroughly not, enough evidence yet. I for got about it when;
A little bit later in the month I took another piece and did the same thing this time I was even more upset more fearful more everything I was out of control and seem in a panic? Why? I call Ruth up again crying and told her about it. I know it came after I ate the meat.

After it was over again: I let the spirit in and speak to me. It does when your ready to listen. It came to me that we did not let all the blood run out of the meat so therefore it was tainted. That's what that word means tainted meat (fear in the blood). I had heard before about how meat puts fear into man but hadn't paid any attention to it but do now. (No rare meat with blood)

With hind sight, I know I felt the goat panic, the help was sent out to me, because the animal will call out to its master (me) So I then felt the hurt-panic of the poor Billy (kid) choking to death, He wanted me to help.
I had no idea the animals had these kinds of feelings nor felt the pain which we don't think they posses. I was raised by an old time farmer who was not nice nice to animals he did not raise them for or, as pets he raised them to be a meat sources only. And they did not take care of them I had to learn that do with this kind of experience to teach me.
He and I apologized with feelings (mutual senses) not words
I raise this black fuzzy wild looking cat from a baby can't remember where I got him. We never got along. There was just something about him that I felt we didn't like each other sorta. I didn't speak his language and he didn't speak mine more than any kitten I ever had.

I made out of pop-rattlers that worked on my other cats. I put small rocks in then taped it closed. If he did something wrong I shake the can so it made a loud noise to scared him to stop bad behavior. I had a really fancy antique couch that I did not like him to use his claws on.

It general work with other cats not this guy as he showed me he had an independent mind of his own but, so did I. Then I tried the water thing; squirt water bottle no, you had to run after the damn thing and catch him I can't run so he was always ticking me off.

We lived in an apartment by the road I really did like him to get out but I needed him to get out he was had his moment of Tom testosterone. I think they squirt piss on the legs of your furniture too?
The hoarder man next-door in back of my yard collected gobs of old junk cars but in his backyard and all the cats in the neighborhood made it their honey moon villa.

This cat took a liking to his cars, staying outside yet, did wonder back once in a while but mostly stayed outside. He preferred rats/mice to my home cooking i.e.

I did some gardening along side my apartment and looked over my shoulder. There he was with his female companion in a line with all the little kids that were quite old.

We communicated with each other in some kind of transference. He let me know he was glad to see me and that he was OK and, this was his family. He was proud of them. Tom wanted me to see and met his family, which meant he like me. I thanked him in my mind and went about my work, and he was gone. I will never forget the experience if you saw them in a line an they were looking at you straight in your eye. No sound nor movements with his wife was who also respect full of me; so was his kids all the same stare and sitting right in a row not playing around it would shock you too.
I think of this scene and incident a lot. we should treat the animals better than we do they have feelings and some form families. They can only care as an animal cares which isn't a bad thing after all our languages are not alike. We care not exactly nor any species will fit your molds. (all intelligence will have to adjust their senses to speak to the animals)

 A Published on Aug 13, 2016
Coast To Coast AM - August 12, 2016 Animal Communication & Open Lines
Former Deputy Sheriff in Bailey, Colorado, Karen Anderson experienced heightened awareness honing her intuitive skills on the force dealing with life-threatening situations while on patrol. During this time she rediscovered her childhood gift of animal communication and has been helping others to bridge the divide and understand the mind of animals, and even deceased humans. She shared her many stories and experiences of contact with the Other Side. Open Lines followed in the latter half in this show.

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