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We all lived with our Heavenly Father; "pre-existence"

THE SPIRIT WORLD: We all lived with our Heavenly Father in his family in a "pre-existence" A stage of development in our eternal existence being tutored/groomed his school to work out our salvation/missions to receive a body like God's (Father, to our spirit) to be like him. Here we're  instructed and taught and we also choose parents (from our group (We had a heavenly mother, brothers/sisters, friends, family as we do here.
When we progressed in this stage we could come here on earth to work our salvation as Jesus, Adam and others did and are required to do. Yes, we travel through time and will continue to do so, in stages to developments with a veil of forgetfulness as we see through time. (Some call this "reincarnation", but technical is but, is not.)
Your spirit is you and always will be; not another person) Day au' is like you've experience this same moment before. This is because this is a "check point" "when you were taught there what you'll go through on your earth mission." It is showing it in a vision and taught to you before in the spirit world. Your on task.
All is more fair than you think. All, in your capacity, mission is to learn to love, forgive, learn/tutored in God's school, and give in return. The rest all fit into these category's (Where much is given much more is required.)

RE: Telepathy Shared publicly - Jun 8, 2016 (author is Alex P)"
Cases of Telepathy between Unborn/Unconceived baby spirits and their future or present parents - as well as babies recalling their life in heaven. Parents (sometimes even relatives of the parents) have short or very detailed (complex and multiple) meetings with the mature or baby like spirit of the future child, with many details confirming to sometimes undecided parents that another child wants to come thru. Thousands of kids have perfect memories of the heaven world they came from, but these memories (just like the hypothesized "past physical life" memories) tend to weaken with time, just like our dream recollection weakens with time.
The heaven (spirit world) period before this life is the most recent event and it is even more recent than any "past life", so it's natural to be recalled.

The cases (first five cases below are summaries of more detailed accounts from the book - all the amazon books linked below can be bought for 1 cent usually, $4 shipping, or 1-4 dollars used - i tried to include in this post the most important and transforming experiences or research in each mentioned book) are below:

1. Mother had a dream that she recorded in her journal of a girl and her dead aunt who told her the little girl is her daughter Jessica. As a result of the dream, she knew she will have a daughter. Years passed and one day her 4 year old kid pointed to the astral castle he saw as they drove by, a castle where he spent time before incarnating, with his little sister. He told mom that his little sister is worried that mom will forget her. Same night her husband said he felt another kid is meant to come to their family. She was stunned and went to check her journal and finally reread the years old entry of her dream with the aunt and Jessica. She then asked her kids what they think about a new child. 1 kid proposed Jessica for the name, 2 kids said to name her Jennica and one Jennifer. They settled for Jennica. When Jennica was born she talked about a grandma a lot. One time when they went to a cemetery, Jennica saw the "grandma" and ran and found her burial place without anyone's showing her. Mom finally arrived and saw a picture of the "grandma" that looked exactly like the the aunt of the mother (grandma for the daughter) in the dream many years before. The girl also saw Jesus in that astral world.
2. Dad had astral encounters with an amazing lightbeing... over many years and after many encounters, the lightbeing asked him is he would be ok if she became his child. He of course was ok, asked his wife is she wants to conceive and was surprised to hear her say yes. Before the girl was born 3 spirits came to dad and announced her arrival and that all will be taken care of, and he needs no worries. Similar announcements have been made to others, just like Gabriel told Mary that a special child Jesus will be born. Some people think the scriptures and paranormal events in them are all made up, but everything paranormal in the scriptures almost happens these days too. The girl then recalled her spirit world encounters with dad while she was little. Very detailed encounters - other experiences like this one are of mom having astral encounters and seeing exact appearance of her kid, confirmed years later, with exact same scene replaying... future seeing. Or kids recalling how grandma or grandpa bring them to the womb. Other parents see all children in a row, in exact order to be born, sometimes even 7 of them.
3. A couple had a daughter and it was a difficult pregnancy, so they were hesitant to have another child. But then, while the 3 year old daughter was at a rest area, her mom saw her playing with another red haired little girl, and after a while the other girl vanished and the mom realized it was her future daughter. Anyway, she had 4 daughters and her health was weak, so her husband was totally against a 5th kid. When mom was ready to pick phone to schedule the surgery to prevent any child from being born, a red haired boy appeared with a sad face and said "Why don't you want me?". Mom immediately cancelled her phone all. Before this surgery phone incident, mom was told that when she has a son, his name will be Michael many years before (before her 4th daughter was even born). One time, for 3 days in a row, a tiny red haired boy Michael appeared to 3 members of the family (2 daughters and the mom) - completely changing the mind of the skeptical father. The girls were playing with Michael and named him, as he passed thru walls, etc - so it was obvious to the parents that Michael was meant to be born, as the girls cannot make stuff like that up. Even the husband's father had a dream of Michael who told grandpa that he will join the family and has a special mission on Earth. The father was always against a 5th child, but rarely, a few times a year, when tired and in a semi-trance, he would say absentmindedly "are we missing someone" when the family had dinner together. Just like we often do in those precognitive moments when we don't realize what we are saying - as the rational mind filter is not there and we are whole right brained, wholly telepathic, without filter of beliefs or desires.
4. One kid recalled very distinctly his heaven world experiences, his use of another language in that astral world (possibly the language of his past life). (We may have had another language in this spirit world, but voided to another form of life here)
5. Another kid (actually many were recalling being brought from heaven to earth by a relative or spirit) recalled how great grandpa brought him from heaven to earth, to the womb and how in the womb he was taught the basic English language and how at 18 months he said his first words - a complete sentence asking about great grandpa and shocking everyone.
6.Telepathy with the unborn or unconceived is also covered in the post about conscious conception (several examples are about babies disliking loud noise and loud ungentle nontender nonpeaceful music, even when mom listens to it on headphones) ► In "Parenting Begins Before Conception" on page 24, Carista (a Harvard grad) explains that noise pollution is to be avoided during pregnancy.
7. a mother was pregnant with twins: boy & girl. Pregnancy was difficult. Dad was visited by the boy's spirit, showing as a 20 year old man who tells dad his sister will be born first, him later (21 months later the boy did get born). The doctor said at the next visit that the male twin won't make it. Everything came true as the spirit said. :) This is covered at ►
8. The "We lived in Heaven" book has more telepathy examples ► ( which i reviewed at
9. two Australian cases of telepathy between infants and parents ► In "A Mother's Instincts," an Australian mother recounts her experience: "I was in the kitchen washing dishes and Alex, aged around eleven months, was running around in our lounge room. Our lounge is very much a childproofed room, so I was confident he could come to no harm. But while I was working I kept getting a fidgety odd feeling that wouldn't go away. It was a very strong feeling of 'Do something.' I kept trying to ignore it, but then it was like a light that filled a black room. 'Alex!' I dropped everything and ran into the other room. There he was, about to put a fistful of sewing needles into his mouth. How my sewing box got into the room I'll never know... But it was just lucky I got the message that he was in danger."
Another lady shared "I began to notice that whenever I wanted to eat, Dale would wake up demanding a feed (he was breast-fed). Even as soon as I thought about food he'd wake up. We went to visit my parents in Queensland when he was six weeks old. I wasn't preparing the food, but as soon as I sat down to eat, he'd wake up. No matter what time of the day I wanted to eat, so did he. Even my Mum commented on it... she said to my husband, "Every time she sits down to eat he wakes up!" Ronnie just said, "Yeah, he does that all the time!" It got to the point where I couldn't even think about making a cup of coffee or he'd wake! I had to sort of "not think" about it, just do it, and then drink it without focusing on it. It was very difficult, as I like to really enjoy my coffee! It was very frustrating too!"
The Unborn Soul book ($2.99 kindle at amazon has many interesting experiences, with a few summarized below:
10. page 127 - a kid recalls how he was in the womb and had to use all his energy and urn around so he could stick out his foot and push against the placenta wall so he would not be squeezed out of the womb, so he could use his body to block the hole from where the fluid was escaping (mother had a condition that was fatal to the fetus had he not intervened while in the womb). Later on he has to do surgery on his foot at the age of 8 because of this womb experience made one knee unbendable. He had to do this in the womb to avoid certain death.
11. One lady met some spirit that told her to call her daughter Rose when she is born, and she kept seeing roses and had another experience in a pink light one time related to her pregnancy, and had other signs confirming the wish of the spirit baby to be called Rose.
12. Another lady had soul travels and met this spirit who wanted to incarnate and then others confirmed later on the baby's spirit is someone with the appearance and personality of a spirit that matched perfectly the description mom got in the soul travels Mom also got right from the spirit baby everything major about the way the pregnancy would develop, etc..
13. pages 195-196. Jane got pregnant and was terrified, unprepared. Her great grandma (who died about 10 years before and who was her best buddy in some ways) appeared as a spirit at the foot at her bed and told her telepathically to relax, she is going to be fine, know what to do to have this child, etc... and lifting a lot of anxiety off Jane's mind and soul. As months passed, Jane, a Tomboy, thought she is gonna have a boy, as she wanted a boy. Then, great grandma showed up again as a spirit and told her telepathically it's gonna be a girl - and was accompanied by a cute blue eyed blonde girl who asked Jane if she will love her as much as she loves her. The little girl was concerned Jane wanted a boy and may not fully love a girl. Spirit babies can have very interesting things to say to elicit a funny response from their future parents. :) The spirit babies look exactly as they will once they get to the age of 3-5, sometimes parents can see scenes of later life exactly played 5 years before in some form of pre-cognitive telepathy. Anyway, once the girl is born and 3 weeks old, grandma spirit shows up again and tells Jane to go to the eye doctor immediately, Jane goes and treats some infection that could have potentially left the infant girl blind otherwise. Jane also had other spirit encounters.
14. page 253 - Beverly recalls being visited by a girl spirit sitting on her green rocking chair when she was 6 year old. This girl spirit told her she will be her daughter. When Beverly had a girl named Cassie, the 3.5 years old Cassie asked her mom if she recalls her visits and asked where the rocking chair was. Upon seeing the chair, she mentioned that it looked different than decades ago, which indeed was the case. There are many similar stories in the book, some with very clairvoyant kids who talk to spirits daily.
15. page 257-258 has a cute experience apparently showing spirits of kids can retain memories of their years prior to birth when they visit parents (this proof makes the hypothesis of communication with these spirits more believable for skeptics). A 3 year old Philip tells his mom the exact description of a living room where his mother lived years before Philip's birth (3 houses before the house in which Philip was born) and where she was playing the flute. Philip explained that he was in spirit and that's how he remembers. He also recalled other events that were verified. This is very similar to NDE people recalling events miles away or states away, during their astral travel there.
16. For some interesting thoughts about communicating with the baby before birth, see also some ideas from other books at
17. In the book "Soul Trek" by E. Hallett ( on page 148 there is a description of a 4 year old girl who told her mother that the last time she was a girl, she had a different mommy and after that she was in the tummy of her current mother, but the mom aborted her because she was not yet married, so the same spirit came back later. The mom never told this to her daughter (only her husband and doctor knew, nobody else in the world), and when she became pregnant her future husband did not want the child so she aborted - even if she wanted the kid. This is another typical talk of "lives before" found in many thousands of cases.
18. page 158 of the "Soul Trek" book above has an interesting telepathic exchange between a pregnant mother and some spirit who asks which of her dead relatives she wants to incarnate in her fetus and be her child. She picks a grandma and then grandma's scent comes around and the spirit later reminds her how fortunate the pregnant mom is to consciously choose the soul of her children. Also, on page 159 there is a 4 year old kid who tells his mom he had multiple choices about his future mother, and if a mother was taken, he could not go there (he didn't elaborate about why some souls get to choose first, when there are multiple choices). Sometimes it looks as if in some cases the decision on which soul to enter a body may not be finalized until after conception - but it may just be an illusion too. :) On page 175 a pregnant mother has a dream of her future child Bryce who names himself and looks exactly as the child when it grows up. The child says he is very excited to be born to them, etc.
19. on 198-199 of the "Soul Trek" book ( a mother experiences some brutal handling of her and her new born girl by the nurses at the hospital. Because of this brutality at birth, her baby cried frequently for months, did not sleep, etc. Driven insane by this, the mother resorted to the strangest method - at last - TELEPATHY: she told the baby that she will always be with her, she will never let any nurse or anyone do anything hurtful to her and what happened at the hospital will never happen to her again, etc. Then, the baby became quiet and slept for the first time thru the night and ever since. Certain people think everything has a "chemical" explanation, but data suggests that it's not always like that. Lots of kids or adults have fears of places, situations or people that are irrational, and sometimes these only disappear during "past life recall". This experience is just one of many other similar ones, where just talking via telepathy with a baby solves a lot of problems. :) Babies are far more telepathic than adults. After this experience, the mother vowed to never birth at the hospital and do it at home. When people do it at home in water, etc, they only use hospital as backup if there is a complication.
20. on page 207 of "Parenting Begins Before Conception" by Carista Luminare-Rosen, a woman sees 2 pink spirits at the end of the bed, as she reaches climax and senses via telepathy that they are her future twins and they helped the embryo form - since they mingled with her physical body for 2 hours. She tells this to her husband who is skeptical at first, but 14 weeks later the twins are confirmed and husband is shocked. Many similar encounters and special energetic effects have occurred when the embryo is ensouled. One note worth adding is that women ovulate 14 days before menstruation and if the sperm doesn't reach the egg in 24 hours, conception doesn't happen (all eggs a woman has are formed in the womb in months 6-7). That's why some parents, not using urine ovulation tests, waste 1 year to conceive since they miss it by 1 day. Those who determine exact ovulation time can conceive from the first month, if fertile. One other thing worth mentioning is that MD Thomas Verny and others found that babies will suck in the 4th month in the womb if lips are stroked, will shield his eyes if a bright light shines on the mother's womb and by 5th womb month he will raise his hands to cover his ears if there is a loud sound, kick if the mother's emotions are negative, etc. Babies respond even when father and mother argue, etc. This is all very important, for women who are used to super-bright light flashing and super-loud concerts or even headphones or parties - their actions might torture the baby inside and create trauma that will scar the baby for life. We know how critical the first 10 years of life are, or first 3 especially, imagine the first 9 months are even more critical and sensitivity is even higher for babies. That's why how we talk and telepathize towards a baby while in the womb is very formative for the baby. :) In many studies rock music drives babies crazy, and they start kicking and growing restless, as all dolphins and whales run away from the ships when ships play that disharmonic music. Soothing classical music calms the babies in the womb, just like dolphins gather around the ship playing harmonious tones and music. The soothing sweet tender loving voice of parents as they talk to each other and others, the calmness of meditative calm music sounds around the baby affect his willingness to interact, communicate and explore once born. The baby's heart rate doubles when the mom gets frightened, so listening to calming healing music and at low volume is essential for the best healer vibrations taking root in the baby hearing them, as peaceful music evens out the emotions of the mother (see more on sound effects on cells and DNA in this post ►, effect of thoughts on rice and the physical body of the baby ►, effect of prayer, thoughts and rock music on water ice crystal formation - note due to different biophoton and astral photon levels, these thought experiments are not easy to reproduce sometimes, as some people have 1 million or 1000 times more biophotonic emissions than others). The voice of the mom being sweet gentle tender during pregnancy has a huge impact on the child's future desire to communicate once born. The killer effect of rock music is also explained in this article ► Marigolds died after 2 weeks and all plants grew away from the speaker to avoid rock music - all this is explained in great detail in Dorothy Retallack's 1973 book "The Sound of Music and Plants." Also, moms and dads can (need to) abstain from smoking (see a science backed explanation of how bad these things are at, caffeine, alcohol, weed, drugs during pregnancy at all costs - as it creates oxygen deprivation for the fetus and other problems.
21. page 210 of "Parenting Begins Before Conception" by Carista Luminare-Rosen ( presents an encounter of a pregnant lady and her husband with an angelic white being who embraced them, cushioned them as the car hit and miraculously, neither of them were hurt at all to the shock of the police officer. They named their daughter Angelica in honor of the angel. On page 211, another lady, a midwife, reports perceiving the room filling itself with astral light each time a child is born, as if the soul brings more of itself into the body then and other spirits assist this more complete incarnation (while in the womb, the spirit is often seemingly more free to come and go and leave the body building to other spirits). This does make sense, since if more spirits come at birth, like at death of people when room fills with light and seems to shift to some clairvoyant people, the birth will be accompanied by more astral effects - just like death, since it's the same travel back and forth between spirit worlds and this physical world. Carista mentions alternative birth methods as being safer and brings into discussion the book "Immaculate Deception II" ( - a book that presents some of the side effects of ultrasound and overdoing prebirth medical tests, chemical procedures (often not needed), vaccinations, etc within days of birth (for those not doing water birth in a hospital or some alternative clinic). MD Frederick Wirth, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics from Tufts University School of Medicine, says in his book "Prenatal parenting" ( that the mortality rate for babies under 1 year of age is higher in America than any other nation in the Western industrialized world. And that all these premature baby deaths can be prevented. He is against rap and rock music and believes they harm the womb baby. He writes "The quality of your pregnancy outcome also depends on the psychological and spiritual content of your life" (not just medical tests before birth). "A baby's in utero experience builds the brain architecture that will determine behavior throughout life". This brain architecture influences his TELEPATHIC development too later in life. "Your unborn child has more never cells and many more connections among them than an adult" Just like kids have thin skulls and are very easily damaged by cell phone radiation, womb babies are even more susceptible to all kinds of noise-chemical-electromagnetic-disharmonic sound-food vibrations pollution, even from the pain-anger in the meat of tortured animals (most meat and dairy comes from terror factory farms). When animals suffer for seconds/minutes during the sudden slaughter death, they release stress-fear hormones that age and sicken us ► Fear hormones as well as astral vibrations that contaminate their flesh also prompt us into human-human conflict more often; we and animals share a lot of hormonal pathways, as neuroscience shows. Vegan moms are 5 times less likely to have twins. Twins are risky, one often dies or has limited development since nutrients were taken by the other. Vegan moms have less risk of ingesting food contaminated with lower negative emotions (pain, fear, terror filled meat - invisible to our science today) that will block really good telepathy development. Even though America lags behind many European nations with rates 2.5 to 4 deaths per 1000 births, the rate America got of 6 is way lower than other countries such as Philippines 22, Pakistan 55, Niger 85, Nepal 39, Brazil-Turkey-Venezuela 19, India 42, Russia 7, Mexico and China 12, Mali 102, Iran 38 ► has all nations and their infant mortality rate

These PRE-BIRTH EXPERIENCES are often times very much like NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES, just without the accidents. They are often times real time waking time events like "seeing ghosts or spirits" and talking to them. They remind us of the original Christianity that is said by many scholars to have taught reincarnation and pre-birth existence. For more evidence of pre-birth existence, see the amazing 50 videos supporting the hypothesis of rebirth and the free reincarnation books (with 400+ reincarnation cases) at (may want to watch video 13 about reincarnation removal by Roman Emperors). Research seems to indicate that repetitive realistic dreams can be past life recalls or future life script events (much of our life is predestined in many cases, so seeing future probabilities is natural if probability is 99% just 10 years before) or spirit world past life (the last period between lives we spent in heaven) recalls.
The 12 week womb baby has formed all the neurons and a newborn baby brain is the most flexible and fastest learning brain. The womb time and first 2 years of life are the most critical period of the new telepathic brain formation. Everything that the mother speaks, thinks and feels is telepathically transmitted to the womb baby - having a huge effect on the psyche and emotional make up of the baby, his brain architecture, future telepathy potential, as well as his desire to explore, learn with wonder and confidence. If a baby is bathed in safe loving tender gentle music, emotions, words, thoughts from parents (especially mom, whose thoughts and feelings interact far stronger than dad's) - during womb time - he feels safe and becomes a lover of exploration, learning and adventure, his IQ becomes higher, etc. If he is abused by negative vibrations, emotions, music, thoughts of the parents and neglected - his brain is not wired to learn and explore, but is wired to be leery of pain and neglect, to be paranoid, and these things over time become impulsiveness and violence once an adult or even a kid. :)
We are often highly unconscious of the negativity, hidden violence, subtle undetectable meanness, low quality and unholy so to speak vibration of our thoughts and feelings - which create disharmonic highly entropic tones that can be heard by clairaudient people (every soul has a music, even human being has a music too, just like every planet has a music detectable by science - What this means is that the dad's thoughts-feelings which influence mom's thoughts feelings have a direct impact on the womb baby too, not just the mom whose every thought and feeling creates a strong influence on the baby's developing telepathic brain architecture. Another thing that soothes some babies is the mom massaging and radiating chi energy (love, peace, etc) the stomach where the baby is. :)
The tones that radiate from the mother's soul, have a cymatics effect on the etheric-physical matrix upon which astral-physical telepathy structures are formed. Listen to Jupiter sound from NASA ►
Harmonic astral and physical sound creates nice symmetrical geometrical astral and physical shapes and can apparently trigger the proper formation of the soul intended telepathy, bilocation, teleportation structures in the fetus - via an easier quantum entanglement between dimensions by virtue of similar geometry of "wormholes" and "dimensional gates" that allow certain energies to influence the matter matrix, etc .
Due to the fact that both parents are unconscious and do not manage to witness and monitor the birthing of their every verbal and emotional thought stream and associated harmonic and subtle sound - it's very helpful to neutralize such moments of "absent mindedness" or "unawareness" (that we may not even be aware of, since they play sometimes from the subconscious as a background energetic loop even during sleep). And one way to neutralize such "negative effects" and "disharmonic tones" that lead to improper geometry and lack of strong telepathy "etheric-astral-physical brain structures" (remember how sound causes the organ differentiation in stem cell studies, in the same way, the etheric-astral sound/tones of parents (mom especially) causes the formation of the astral organs for subtler telepathy - or doesn't cause their formation if the tones do not reach the proper loving kindness symmetry) is to consciously make an effort daily (just like 1 hour daily of physical exercise or meditation to refresh our minds, this is 1 hour or 10 hours daily of spiritual communion and cleaning of the baby's developing and forming brain and mind which we contaminated previously by "improper thoughts-feelings-astral tones-sounds" - just like we change diapers, or take showers to clean our body) to consciously and intentionally surround the baby with gentle tender, positive loving affectionate energies, sounds, emotions, thoughts via telepathy, astral exercises, etc - and even verbal communication in the sweetest kindest softest gentlest tone possible. The safer and more relaxed the baby feels (depending on how mom feels of course, and dad too to a lesser extent) in the soothing embrace of the womb and nearby sounds and vibrations from parents, the better his ability to perceive the subtler and deeper aspects of physical sciences, astral travel, teleportation, telepathy and spiritual reality, regardless whether he becomes a superluminal craft scientist, healer, astral traveler, ESP researcher, diplomat or whatever. An infant's brain metabolic rate in the first 2 years of life is 3 times that of an adult, and between ages 2-10 it is twice that of an adult, and at puberty it reaches the rate of an adult, as the brain maturation is complete. 75% of the human brain growth occurs after birth. Even so, the womb time is very important. Fathers and mothers who sing and talk and read to their womb babies will relate much better to the newborn child, helping him to calm down, understand, feel loved and safe. :) Fathers who talk more with the baby are instantly recognized by babies by the sound of their voice. To better stimulate brain development using a higher pitch voice is helpful. Also, the voice has to be ultra loving, gentle, tender, otherwise, the baby will dread it and not be interested after birth in listening to his parents as much. At week 8, womb babies have developed to the max almost their taste and smell senses for example and they move inside a little, even if moms don't detect it due to uterus being insensitive to touch, unless babies stretch it. At week 14, facial expressions emerge. :) Some babies are very responsive and can do certain womb movements in response to telepathic showers of positive emotions from moms, dads, etc. :)
The 1981 Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to Torsten Wiesel and David Hubel for their work in proving the existence of a critical period in the development of the brain (this most likely applies to telepathy in the womb between mom and infant, father and infant too, as well as joint astral travel attempts guided by voice and reading from astral travel books - just like today many parents read or sing poems or spiritual quotes to their womb babies). In their experiments, a newborn kitten had his eye shut and when the shut eye was opened a few weeks later, the cat was permanently blinded. Human babies with cataracts who don't remove them in the first months of life will become permanently blind, since there is no brain stimulation of the visual cortex in the critical first 2 years of life, when the brain metabolic rate is 3 times that of an adult. No stimulation after the cataract removal done late will restore vision. This applies not just to sight, but also to all other senses, including Astral and Telepathic senses (the telepathy and astral travel cortex) to the extent that they have a physical component (not always the case). Use it or lose it. Use it early on or lose it or spend 100-1000 times longer time to gain it, if ever. :) In the womb, babies got 200 billion neurons, adults got 100 billion. At birth a baby has 1000 trillion synapses and by age 10 he has 500 trillion only, since the brain prunes inactive connections. The stimulation of astral-etheric senses that are more physical incarnation custom and specific and not present in a disincarnate evolved soul (with a subtler body than some others) seems to be also depending on nearby spirits and parental stimulation of said senses. That's why in some of the books, there is a spirit or two seen by babies or parents who guard the fetus development. Some babies apparently are not in the womb 100% all the time and astral travel non-stop while in the womb, doing more important things, etc., as suggested by womb memories of many kids who recall going back and forth to heaven, etc. Some kids do have joint astral travels with one or both parents or even dead relatives or other spirits while in the womb or aged 1-2, and sometimes they recall them. For more on astral travel and many free books on it, see ► The issue covered by this Nobel has been touched upon by many astral books dealing with spiritual abilities and how important is to try astral travel at age 1-2 like Terence Tao, (born 7-17-1975, 7-17 like Angela Merkel, lol ► with IQ 225 was doing his math at age 2 and then became world's foremost math genius almost.
The baby needs to receive minimum stress and maximum love, nurturing, real human milk, praise, smiles, affection (kisses, songs, hugs, chi transmissions, prayers, etc), joy, positive emotional feedback from parents (mostly mom of course usually, but dad too) in the first 2 years of life. This will prevent a very high gear stress response from developing, besides impulsive, ultra-fearful, paranoid and violent tendencies that cannot be changed later in life - except with superhuman efforts that take 100 times longer - superhuman efforts from parents as the paranoid fearful aggressive kid cannot change himself. They noticed animals who received the most affection early on, got the lowest blood pressure later in life, lowest stress hormone secretions which lead to longest healthiest life for the baby. Also, monkeys whose mothers were the most stressed during pregnancy became the most violent and anti-social, and most stressed by things other monkeys were not as stressed about. This highlights just how critical the role of family is in making sure a pregnant mom is super happy and unstressed - if we want to end the cycle of war and violence on this planet. :). Human babies who were most loved early on, became the smartest, most socially comfortable (can trust others and have a lot of empathy being the least violent of all), calmest, most emotionally and psychologically stable adults with the best motor skills even.When a baby cries, parents need to nurture the baby and figure out how to stop it ASAP. Babies need love not reprimands or angry responses or bad words. :) Hence dads need to make sure moms are flooded with praise, love, gentleness, kindness, tenderness, nurturing, gratitude a lot, because if she has no love from husband overflowing she cannot flood the baby with that either during her breastfeeding or handling of the baby, if she does handle it more - not always so. Some dads do the baby stuff more and mom just breastfeed but that's not the rule.
Within 3 minutes of birth, babies can recognize their mothers' picture by looking at several big photos of women. How is this possible? :) A famous musician remembered exactly from memory some cello musical passages, to his shocking surprise, even if he never played them before. Upon sharing this with his mother, he found out his mother played those exact pieces as a cello player. Other parents had kids repeat phrases parents used a lot during pregnancy in some classes. Basically, if we teach the child in sweet soft tones "I can astral travel every hour, I am telepathic" - and teach him real methods of OBE and Telepathy Habits, it might be safe to say that at least some kids will pick it up easier once taught outside the womb - or already do it better than parents.
For more on telepathy habits, see
University studies showed that kids (whose mothers had similar IQ) who were abundantly stimulated by toys and peers since the age of 4 months, got an IQ 20 points higher at age 3, compared to the kids with less stimulation. The same way, the telepathy and astral travel IQ (not measured by current tests) will be 20 points higher if the parents stimulate Telepathy Exercise Practice and ESP practice in the womb and first 3 years of life. The higher IQ maintained itself at age 12 and no data showing the difference can be reversed. has more on these ideas of early education impact on IQ score. Rats raised with wheels to spin, ladders to climb, and more playmates had thicker brains, more synapses and were smarter than rats raised without toys and peers. That's why brothers and sisters playing with each other (or other kids their age from friends, etc) helps raise their IQ - if the kids are not clairvoyant and able to play with invisible friends or spirits. This IQ and ESP-IQ score effect applies to stimulating the baby while he is in the womb also, not just when he is 1 week old, 1 month old. Also kids recall astral travel techniques or texts read to them while in the womb, and prefer those to new texts read after birth. They did studies showing this preference for the womb time text once born, even if they didn't know how to speak. That's why it's to the advantage of parents to start educating their kid:) early on and get their astral telepathic selves moving towards the TELEPATHIC HUMANKIND. Kids who are talked to often verbally in the womb have better verbal skills than those of silent parents. Kids who are talked to often TELEPATHICALLY in the womb by parents have better TELEPATHY skills than those of silent (telepathically) parents. Same thing for ASTRAL TRAVEL... Listening to nice peaceful music also improves the math and spatial reasoning of the kids, not just telepathy. Basically, infants are the fastest learners, they learn any skill far faster than a 10 year old even. Learning a language at 3 is way easier than at 10 or 25. Learning telepathy and astral travel at age 2 is also 50-1000 times easier than doing so at age 30 or 40. Newborns have more neurons and more synapses than adults, can recognize the gender of other babies (even when cross dressed) - something that adults cannot do. The first 10 years of life are the MOST IMPORTANT, and obviously of the 10, the first year is THE most important, after womb 9 month time. :) Infants of depressed mothers had high salivary cortisol levels, so it's extremely important for dads to love the mom, make her happy and do the same with the unborn or recently born baby - since stress hormone cortisol early on destroys the health long-term and shapes the brain response for decades. Also moms need to make conscious effort to be at their most positive emotions during pregnancy since the emotional (less the cognitive) self is vastly influenced by the womb time. One can have high IQ, but be an emotional disaster due to mother's pregnancy emotions. Another thing that seems to be true is that before conception, dads need to minimize stress (so moms and friends should avoid saying things that are known triggers of upset, lol, etc) since micro-RNAs (not the DNA) will be different if the sperm is produced in a stressful period as explained at
In experiments it has been observed that praying for a person, animals, plant, insect, situation in a non-specific way, i.e the Divine Grace to manifest, Cosmic Energy to descend etc... for the best outcome for all beings is 2-4 times more healing and powerful in effects than praying for a specific outcome born of human wisdom about how "the outcome should be". In other experiments done at some orphanage in 1940s, kids who were loved more via more interaction, given more attention, nurturing, grew faster, had fewer infections and much better health and one half the death rate of orphans who were not nurtured (even if both groups of kids had the same chemical nutrition and custodial care). Without Kindness-Compassion-Nurturing-Gentleness-Love infant orphans die. Normal kids with parents who don't get enough Kindness-Compassion-Nurturing-Gentleness-Love develop weaker health, lower IQ, etc. Health is more than "vitamins and pills and food and exercise". In another study published in the famous Science Journal, rabbits that were played with by a human technician to see effect on cholesterol came to lower their cholesterol each time. Apparently, a little loving attention and petting of rabbits and playing had a huge impact on their health. Loving Tender Gentle Kindness healed their cholesterol level.
Note on conception and avoiding miscarriage, preterm babies
Finding ways to multiply the most positive and happiest states of consciousness in both parents before conception, during conception, during pregnancy and especially the first 2 years of life of the baby is important. Many doctors highlight the importance of skin contact with the baby by the mom, how this soothes the babies, etc after birth and how lovingly massaging the tummy while pregnant helps the baby brain secret happiness hormones and maintain positive emotions. Same thing with mom's emotions, for some women emotions become much happier if they are hugged, kissed and loved physically more (doesn't necessarily mean having sex, but there are many acupuncture points and methods to trigger ecstatic states in the mom by dad's physical affection - which is important, since mom's resources are taken by the baby growing, so affection and affectionate energies-thoughts-words-smiles, with happy emotions generation will help the baby and mom to stay in that super-happy state which is essential to the healthiest brain formation during pregnancy and even after birth, as mom's affective life strongly influences the born baby, the nature of her milk even, the chemicals in her milk, etc, the strength of her immune factors in the milk, etc. However, as I explained in other posts such as ►, there are ways to meditate and do astral exercises that achieve states of cosmic consciousness far beyond orgasm (100 to 1 million more ecstatic) and other erotica and this helps the baby to develop a cosmic consciousness brain - which is far more ready to experience happiness, telepathy and joy without outer conditions and to be a real world peace bringer and healer. This doesn't mean one has to have sex during pregnancy at all (many MDs are against sex in some cases totally, since Potential complications of sex in pregnancy include preterm labor, pelvic inflammatory disease, antepartum hemorrhage in placenta previa and venous air embolism as explained at, but there are 100 ways to trigger the happiest astral altered states by meditation and a little affection. Theoretically, sex during pregnancy early on could cause miscarriage. A Thailand study found that sex in the first trimester of pregnancy led to a 36% higher preterm baby rate (28% preterm for no sex, 38% preterm for sex) - which would be a big NO NO for sex during pregnancy. ► (Obstet Gynecol. 2006 Apr;107(4):793-7.). This and other studies found that that the more sexual partners a lady has in her lifetime, the more damage her baby can experience (not just low IQ, telepathy and poor health) due to preterm birth being far more common. It seems as if nature doesn't think being having many sexual partners is a good idea. This may also be related to the DNA in female brain that gets there and stays there for decades sometimes from every guy pouring semen into her as I explained at where an article hypothesis about semen reducing depression in women is covered.
Conceiving at ovulation, not before or after, reduces risk of miscarriage 3 times according to this study ► Most doctors recommend that women with bleeding in pregnancy to refrain from sexual activity. Many doctors will say no sex for all. Interestingly, multivitamins dramatically lower miscarriage rates, while smoking, alcohol, coffee increase miscarriage rates ► (). Also, sperm count, quality and ability to conceive may be lower in caffeine (coffee, Coca Cola, etc) addicts ► (Am. J. Epidemiol. (2010) doi: 10.1093/aje/kwq007)
Presumably, this hypothesis may be true: sex during pregnancy may limit the consciousness filtering mechanisms of the brain of the baby to some extent and its translinguistic telepathy ability - as it brainwashes/trains the baby brain to seek happiness in orgasm, and miss cosmic consciousness due to less evolved parents unable to reach happiness higher than orgasm without sex. The US National Library of Medicine free full papers like (CMAJ. 2011 Apr 19; 183(7): 815–818.) provide some worldly "current science based" general guidelines on sex during pregnancy. Nipple and genital stimulation may induce oxytocin release from the posterior pituitary, causing uterine contractions and preterm labor which would be devastating for the health of the baby, so parents could place the infant health above the selfish animalistic desire for sex or "nipple stimulation", etc. Prostaglandins released from mechanical stimulation of the cervix may cause cervical ripening. Prostaglandins in semen may cause cervical ripening. Sex after birth of baby is painful anyway, first 2 months, and for some women first 4-5 months even with lubrication due to the skin still healing after delivery, so it's very helpful to evolve spiritually and to know how to attain via meditation or astral travel or telepathy the happiest states without sex (or at least attain positive emotions by sex-free erotica that doesn't induce labor (nipple stimulation can) if the couple is inexperienced in meditation, etc). One common cause of painful intercourse postpartum is vaginal dryness due to the hypoestrogenic state induced by breastfeeding. 3 other great free full papers (thanks to US National Library of Medicine) about this sex during pregnancy topic are (J Perinat Educ. 2000 Fall; 9(4): 15–27.), (J Perinat Educ. 2006 Spring; 15(2): 29–35.) and (Int J Fertil Steril. 2012 Jul-Sep; 6(2): 107–110.)
The Extremely Deep Feelings and Thoughts in Unborn and Newborn Babies :)
Having seen above how babies can recall things adults cannot (they got twice as many neurons and synapses) and learn way faster than adults, how they can recognize baby genders when adults cannot, and other things like that - it's evident babies can do a lot more than what people thought for centuries. In "The Mind of Your Newborn Baby" by David Chamberlain, he explains that babies who have been circumcised without anesthesia (it was common practice) suffered the whole torture and felt it a lot - having a deeply traumatic scar in their psyche. He says infants may be the last category of people to be fundamentally misunderstood and abused because of that. For over 100 years medicine thought babies have no capacity for learning, memory, etc and, as a result, parenting was delayed. Babies prefer texts read before birth, once born. They stop listening if parent reads backward (nonsense), indicating that their brain is thinking even without language. Babies recall what parents said before and after birth, their memories are intact, they feel at least as much as an adult feels - imagine being circumcised without anesthesia. There are a lot of misinformed doctors and nurses who mishandle babies in very rough ways since they imagine the baby does not feel or think or understand much, but babies do. Some babies even complain to their parents about how doctors roughed them up while being born, when they can speak, years later. Birth trauma can have bad consequences on a person's entire life. As birth shifted in the 20th century from home to the hospital, the gentleness and psychological quality of the birth has suffered - as nurses and doctors don't always treat babies as parents would - with the same tender care, loving kindness, etc. Language is not necessary for thinking. Babies dream more than adults. They feel more than adults too, are far more sensitive to anything. Babies are meant to be near their mom, breastfeeding after delivery speeds up the expulsion of the placenta and protects the mother from hemorrhaging. Many newborns start suckling right away, within seconds. Doctors (including David Chamberlain) used hypnosis and found how accurate people's birth memory can be and how birth trauma can damage people for their whole life. The way people treat babies in the womb, at birth and first months of life has a defining role in shaping their personality and even telepathic ability (distorted or not by trauma or negative experiences). On page 93-94 of the book mentioned in this paragraph, it talks about studies showing that even the use of too much anesthesia at birth or lack of breastfeeding after birth is associated (correlation may not be causation though) with a lot of health problems later in life (no breastfeeding related to gastrointestinal problems, since only mother milk has those key protective antibodies, bacteria that live in the gut, 70% of human immune system is hypothesized to be in the gut). Adults being hypnotized (to birth trauma time) can recall clearly events and can then heal lifelong issues they had, just like in "past life regressions" recalling and understanding a traumatic unexpected death before "uncommonly rapid reincarnation" to finish "what was to be done", heals some physical issue. ► Pages 100-200 have cases of kids who recall exactly their birth, just like others recall exactly previous physical reincarnation. That's why it would be interesting to ask kids, when little "Do you recall where you were before you came on Earth?" or "Do you recall being born or the time before?", etc. - perhaps 1 in 10000 may provide so many details about a past life (that would be easy to verify using existing records, if life was last 200 years) and/or womb time conversations of parents that it would completely blow the minds of skeptics. These birth, womb, Heaven before womb, past life before heaven period, memories often fade after the age of 5-11, so if parents don't ask early, they might miss some amazing information - since reincarnation proving depends on freshest details and past life regression doesn't always reveal perfect details as an adult. :)
Pleasurable beta-endorphins, made by the pituitary gland are found in the 7th week of pregnancy. Squinting and sneering of babies' faces has been filmed at 14 weeks with special cameras. The tiny sacs that store air in the lungs keep growing until the age of 8, so babies and kids need a lot of clean, fresh air. Open windows and ventilate air, since indoor air pollution is usually 5 times that of outside (except for ultra smoggy places in Asia). Moms who drink caffeine, alcohol, smoke or do drugs are damaging the lungs, bodies and brains of their kid who struggles for oxygen. (see page 7 of the Chamberlain book ► On page 20 it explains how babies get about 40 calories a day by drinking amniotic fluid at a rate of 15-40 mL per hour in the third semester, and how mom drinking or smoking makes amniotic taste unpleasant for babies (who feel, and taste since 8 weeks) and they stop eating and are born small, underweight, brain damaged for life and unlikely to survive past 5 years old sometimes). Studies also showed that alcohol at the time of conception can have DEVASTATING consequences with serious birth defects. Also, moms need to eat more while pregnant and get all nutrients needed, to ensure a healthy baby, especially omega 3 DHA. Page 23 explains that in studies it was shown the restless music (not just rock, rap, but even classical music pieces that are very upbeat such as some from Beethoven, Brahms) makes babies restless and upset. One woman went to a rock music concert and had her rib broken by her baby inside of her kicking, who was enraged at the music. Others had to leave violent movies as baby went on a rage of kicking, reacting to the sadistic torture of their psyche thru violent sounds. (babies are FAR more sensitive than adults, have more neurons and synapses, they recall heaven and the harmony there and detest earthly disharmonious and hate-chaos-violence filled "music" - just like clairvoyant people and sensitives do - the clairvoyant clairsentient retained the abilities of babies of being connected to Heaven's harmony - they are still more linked to Heaven and less brainwashed by the lower violent vibrations of the physical Earth. At 20 weeks, when baby is 1 pound, the father can hear the baby heartbeat by placing ear on the womb. Rhythmic jolts may be hiccups of the baby. 8 weeks after conception babies start to form the vestibular system related to gravity and balance, they will imitate the movements of mom and weeks 10-12 they start to gyrate, kick and do their own movements, as they figure out how to balance themselves. Babies are even hypothesized to learn to speak in the womb and acquire some of the mother speech accents and sounds (can be father too, but usually fathers speak less around the baby than mom), as page 24 explains, which would explain why those who are read more have better verbal skills upon birth. Also, parents have to use the sweetest softest kindest highest pitch voice ideally while pregnant, so the baby loves to communicate with parents once born. Baby hears thru bone conduction, so fathers are heard clearly (enough to influence babies) only if they speak louder, or very close to mom and clearly. The sweeter, more relaxed and angelic the voice of the mom (sweeter than she has ever talked to anyone), the better for the future mom-baby relationship and also other humans-baby relationships. Mom's tone of voice (happy, relaxed, sweet, gentle) is far more critical than dad's, since it is heard much more and much better due to the physics of the womb hearing and also the simple fact dad is not near the baby 24-7 like mom is and if he would be, he would be farther away anyway.
Traumatic births lead to brain damage that then makes a child super-reactive to any stimulus, preventing a slower heart rate, which is essential to longevity. Doctors noticed those who become very violent in life had very difficult births with serious complications. Also, sometimes just the mere umbilical cord being wrapped around someone's neck tightly is associated with lifelong stuttering that only disappeared when hypnosis allowed this memory of birth to be brought to the conscious mind (much like in past life recalls). In one case of traumatic birth, the doctors were cursing a lot and the priest came to do the last rites in Latin. Then for years as a kid, mom had no clue why the kid would have these outbursts of cursing and speaking in a strange language during nightmares. Only after doing more research, she recalled the doctor cursing and the Latin language of the priest matching the nightmare of the kid (in loops of traumatic memories during dream time, nightmares that are vocal or not, people are seeing the same trauma again and again, just like in past life related nightmares related to a killing or something). See page 102-104 of the book for more details. (you can read pages 60-63 in scribd format probably at if you type 60 in search bar if you don't want to buy the book yet). The use of forceps to pull babies out in air births - due to lack of proper emotional preparation for birth of the mother by the doctors also leads to lifelong problems as explained later in the chapter. One baby refused to breastfeed from her mom, but was ok with nursing from other women. The reason was that the baby knew, from womb time, that the mom did not want her and avoided the mom. One guy became a chronic depressive and it was all related to his father coming home drunk one day and doing something inappropriate that induced labor and his birth. (page 125) Cesarean birth babies are hypothesized to be more likely to be spaced out, clumsy with walking and not know where their body starts and ends. Page 128 describes a horrific hospital birth (all was going well, labor was almost done naturally, until 2 arrogant people came and started their routine), where insensitive doctors are chatting about vacations, weather, etc all while having done some atrocious things that have probably harmed the baby quite a bit, for a few years at least. What people don't realize is that a third of deaths are due to medical mistakes and many people become doctors to make money or because dad said so. Of those who don't become doctors for money, a lot don't even read books like presented in this post and view birth as an engineering machine thing, treating moms and their babies like objects - and failing therefore to do an appropriate birth, to evaluate thru empathy what is the right thing to do, as the example shows. That's why today a lot of people opt for the more holistic doctors (The book author, MD Thomas Verny suggests a nurse-midwife who goes thru special training and attended often times more births than an obstetrician, since there is less chemical overload and more gentle tender soft care) who also do hospital water births and are more informed about the psychology of birth and its consequences. Anyone who talks to a doctor well before birth or to a nurse-midwife (hospital as back up if issues come about) can get an idea and know if that's the right person. Verny recommends independent maternity centers as the most ideal place of birth (for low risk pregnancies), followed by special dim birthing rooms inside hospitals (they allow for extensive contact right after birth between mom and baby and father, less chemicals, bright lights, etc and lead to very different experiences than routine medical births).
Mothers who were overdosed with anesthetic (home water births do not use it at all due to negative side effects on immune system of baby - water births are far less painful anyway - incomparable to air births) gave birth to infants 4 times less capable to habituate to a stimulus (they are ultra-reactive). The autism epidemic may have something to do with the overload of toxic (foreign is viewed as toxic by the immune system who developed over millions of years) chemicals poured into babies at birth and by the ultra vaccination programs, that pump so many chemicals nobody used in millions of years. The autistic restless behavior may not be entirely due to high sugar, high omega 6/omega3 ratio (sugars and too much omega 6 were shown to make peaceful adults aggressive and restless too ► of the diet of the youth today. See more on page 44 of the book mentioned in the previous paragraph. Frederick Leboyer observed that babies born naturally (water birth) smiled more at birth (some smiled for several minutes indicating the birth was pleasant, as opposed to hospital air births where the pain is so deep they cry a lot) and that babies given warm baths by the father smiled a lot too. Babies also smile quite often while dreaming (babies dream half the time they sleep, they sleep 16 hours daily in the first 2 weeks of life). If babies are picked up and smiled back a lot when they smile, they get the cue and smile more and more. This actually is very helpful for them. Doctors noticed babies get very upset when parents don't smile back repeatedly, indicating babies view smiles as a very important communication mechanism, maybe a way to say "i love you, love me back, do you love me?" lol. ♥☺. Doctor Leboyer says that the umbilical cord cutting doesn't have to be done instantly and that babies who have theirs cut later cry a lot less. Also, most babies who recall their birth complain about being away from mother (99.9% are pissed off, angry, abandoned, lonely, even fearful-depressed when placed in the nursery away from mom), being placed in cold (hard scales) crowded noisy environments or exposed to bright lights, needles, eye drops, being handled by strangers, tough handling, etc - all things that never happen in a home water birth or a water birth in a hospital doing water births and trying to be extra careful and gentle, dim lights, etc. Also, babies can understand and even recall years later things parents or friends say (or think if telepathic) while baby is non-verbal or in the womb, so nobody should say/think anything inappropriate they would not say/think around a telepathic adult. :) Each time a baby cries he does because of some discomfort and parents need to use telepathy, brainstorming, body language reading, trying different things and try figure out what he is upset about (there are cry pitches for hunger, cold, heat, etc - it's a real language) until the cry stops. Happiest babies cry the least (they noticed in nurseries for premature babies, those exposed to soothing sound of a 60-70 beats per minute heartbeat as heard in the womb of a relaxed normal mom gained more weight, cried less, got sick less, etc - indicating the womb made them feel safe, tranquil, secure and feeling safe is helpful - playing 128 beats per minute got them enraged). Parents can lovingly telepathically or verbally tell the baby "sweet angel, can you stop crying, or let me know why you are upset?" then listen in their mind - it may be clear and just because someone talked to him he may stop crying - some babies understand parental telepathy, but are frustrated that they cannot be understood by parents since they cannot talk. Sometimes babies cry due to wanting more love, attention, affection, hugs, etc. When hands are in fist form, they are uncomfortable. Babies stop listening when things are read backwards, so they know language a little, as they heard it a lot in the womb (some were even taught English by grandpa spirit who brought them from Heaven, as explained above - so a few babies can even understand English 100%, but cannot verbalize it). Scottish babies were able to know when the lips of Japanese faces are in sync with what sounds they hear. Babies also prefer faces who speak the native language of their mom (spoken while pregnant) - indicating that they understand a lot about sound. Also, in experiments where moms looked "depressed" on purpose, to gauge reaction, babies cried in protest, looked away and took several days to regain trust in their moms. Perhaps we can say that smiling and being in body language, eye look, smiling communication with the baby is the best. Babies always try to communicate and perceive a lot more than many adults assume. They just cannot verbalize it and use strange sounds, movements, eye looks, telepathy to communicate. Pregnant moms should avoid ingesting cold water or liquids, as the babies don't like it and start kicking. Also, hot baths are a big no-no, as they can not only supremely annoy babies, but can kill them too. One guy did a hypnosis for his severe anxiety accompanied by hot flashes, and found from the doctor doing the hypnosis that on the 7th month in the womb he felt afraid and hot (hypnosis up to 7th month went smoothly with nice memories). The doctor found out that the mother kept a dark secret: in her 7th month she tried to kill him by doing hot baths, harming the child for life with supreme anxiety and hot flashes and only divulged this when her son repeatedly asked her what happened in the 7th month that made him feel hot. I guess, warm showers or baths are fine.
28 mothers were split into 2 groups: 14 were with their baby 1 hour after birth and 5 hours a day next 3 days, 14 had a brief glance at the baby and brief contact first 12 hours, and half hour at feeding times. At 1 month, 2 years, 5 years it was apparent that babies who had more initial maternal contact developed higher IQ and language skills. (see page 49). The more contact with babies early on (even just holding the baby, talking to him, etc), the taller they seem to get years later, the faster they grow, the faster they walk, the higher the IQ (15 points higher difference) and EQ (and thus telepathy precision), the happier they become once grown up. What they noticed in animals is that bonding in the first hours after birth has a lifelong impact on the mother-child relationship, due to hormones that are secreted which trigger special behaviors that are not observed in animals and mothers who don't bond right after birth. Moms who hug, kiss, love their baby right after birth for hours also breastfeed their babies much longer on average (non-bonding moms give up way before WHO recommended time), giving them better health, more omega 3 DHA, better brain, higher IQ that way - not just via the benefits of years long deeper interaction stemming from the initial amazing attraction that nature designed to emerge between mom and baby if they make contact a lot. It's just like adults - first meetings have an impact way stronger than meeting number 100. Drugging women during delivery, as done sometimes in hospitals, prevents them from properly bonding with the child after birth, taking away the baby right after birth prevents the crucial 12-24 hour bonding the mother should have with the child, which gives her and the baby huge advantages in telepathic and other forms of communication. What is the most mind blowing in this is how those 12 hours of bonding after birth, totally change the behavior of mothers towards kids and viceversa for years, leading to IQ 15 points higher over years as the hormones released reduce post-birth bleeding and enable her to relate and teach the child instinctively in much gentler and more loving ways (may be related to oxytocin and other hormones, as baby usually breastfeeds after birth naturally, "first impression matters"). See Chapter 8 of Years after birth, bonding moms were always far more empathetic, loving, gentler, telepathic with their kids - just like better relationships display those qualities. If we want world peace, higher IQ, a less idiotic and less violent world, we need re-educate doctors and mandate bonding, forbidding doctors taking away the baby from mom first hours after birth (unless there is an emergency).
It's unbelievable to some that just a little extra contact may make such a huge difference. In another mind blowing experiment, they took premature babies who were just 4 pounds and had their moms caress, stroke, moving up, massage their babies for 15 minutes a day, 3 times daily. Other babies were left in the nursery as usual. The babies who had mom contact, gained 47% more weight than the others, even though both groups ate the same exact number of daily feedings and daily calories - which shows the power of touch and affection to totally change metabolism - no drugs, no medicines, giving further validation to all the chi and EFT (emotional freedom technique) amazing healing testimonials on youtube and throughout history (healing miracles, hands on healing). These more loved babies were more alert, more peaceful, and got out of the hospital almost a week earlier. After 8 months, graduate babies of the touching by mom program of 45 minutes daily got taller, heavier, had larger heads - prompting doctors to always recommend playing, picking them up and putting them down, wheeling in strolls, rocking them, moving gently (no jolting or shaking, since it damages the brain, just like rock music headbanging does in adults as explained at ►, massage with hands or soft fluffy things (while explaining this is a soft material, etc), affection for babies. One recent theory on Discovery Channel said that because moving takes such enormous computational resources, the brain is forced to grow bigger in many animals that move a lot, not just human babies.
In Bogota, they had some very premature babies, 4 pounds each, who had a 50% chance of survival, and the doctors told moms to use the "kangaroo method" and keep the babies with them all the time (head between breasts), love and stimulate them. This is unconventional, since the incubator method only leads to 50% survival rate. 90% of the babies survived due to very strong mother contact, being able to deflect infections, etc.
A California Obstetrician, Renee Van Dr Carr, created THE PRENATAL UNIVERSITY (described in his book, a program of stimulating babies while they are in the womb, at 5 months old, leading to babies who are smarter, healthier, born with fewer complications (or C-sections), talk earlier, concentrate for longer periods of time. Another program is Shichida method ► (kids with IQ 186-200)
For an interesting chemistry discussion on the effect of mother catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline) on the fetus and the unhelpful effect of eating meat on the fetus's telepathic ability, see also However, if the mom had a very strong love for her unborn child, even during stressful moments or pregnancies (due to maybe her husband leaving her after he learned she got pregnant or something really ultra stressful), studies showed that the child was OK (even if not the super-genius at telepathy type). The Love of the mother for the unborn child has a shielding effect on the child, via neurochemistry - protects both mom and child, just like the love between husband and wife has a neurochemical effect that shields both parents from "outside stress factors". The child is super-smart in the womb and if the mother is ambivalent about wanting the child, he picks it up and is born with problems (see page 47-50 of, the Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Thomas Verny). The most wanted and loved kids, often come out fine, even during stressful pregnancies. However, in general, a stormy marriage leads to a 237% greater risk of psychologically or physically damaged child compared to a happy nurturing relationship. A bad relationship damages the unborn more than smoking, mom illness or back breaking physical effort during pregnancy - since pregnancy neurochemicals shape brain architecture for life. Unhappy marriages led to kids who are 5 times more fearful, shorter (not enough nutrients to grow as explained above due to screwed up brain architecture that releases stress hormones all the time in abundance and over-reacts to anything), etc. Thus, many say, the role of the father (or partner of the pregnant mom) is far more important than many people normally think.
Fathers who smoke are far more likely to have children who die in the womb per several studies. Moms who drink caffeine birth kids with disorders, so it's best to stay away from tea, caffeinated coffee (decaffeinated coffee may be fine), soda, etc. From all these books it's self-evident a father (or partner) has to love, praise, make her laugh and thank his pregnant wife every hour, lol, say "how amazing and beautiful and loved she is, the most amazing woman he ever met, lol" every 2 minutes, lol, same to the baby, in order to properly generate the neurochemicals of happiness crossing over thru placenta into the baby's brain for maximum telepathy potential once born. :)
In the 1970s, most births in Netherlands were at home with midwives. Today only 30%. They got 9 times less episiotomies than America, far fewer Cesareans, almost all babies are kept with the mom and breastfed after birth (unlike most countries), they got also the lowest birth deaths and injuries of any nation, see more at ► Water births reduce pain by about 90-97%, so in many cases midwives never give any medication to the mother. Standing or sitting with spine straight in a water birth pool, being active, eating well, etc have been used for millennia to aid birth. Lying down horizontal is the WORST position that can make labor last 10 times longer (for millions of years people have never done that, only now they do it), as gravity does not help. Birth control pills can lower the IQ, ESP-IQ of your future baby as explained at ►
Ultrasound heats tissues, causes cavitation, DNA damage and most likely prevents the best brain development conducive to TELEPATHY. Hot baths, saunas, showers longer than 15 minutes (see papers below) can cause brain defects, abortion, miscarriage due to heat. The papers below explain the association (and presumed causation) between PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND and delayed speech, autism, left-handedness, miscarriage, mental retardation, dyslexia, urinary tract problems (peeing perhaps a lot too, during ultrasound of the genitals for sex determination), schizophrenia, epilepsy, preterm delivery, Cesarean delivery, miscarriage, low birth weight. Ultrasound machines vary in output, some were found years ago to be exposing infants to much higher signal intensity, 5000 times higher than others. 25 years ago their output was 10-15 times weaker in the US. Not all countries have strong regulations about output.
The FDA says on their website to not do ultrasound or use heartbeat monitors unless the baby is known to have a medical problem ► . The World Health Organization is against its use also, especially for low risk pregnancies.
Reading the papers below may convince some to never use ultrasound for such irrelevant reasons as "baby videos" and "determining sex" or "it's free with my health plan, everyone does it, let me do it too". If everyone is making a mistake, like when they did x-rays on babies in 1930s (read that story at, causing cancer, you don't have to do it too. Ultrasound is used to sterilize men for 6 months in a new contraceptive method that Bill Gates donated money for ► I mention this only to show that it has biological effects. What sex a baby has doesn't matter, why expose a baby fetus to extra risks? Just have 2 names ready (if girl or boy) and relax. 150 years ago they used to put lead in people's mouths for dental fillings and gave people quinone, a poison. Science changes a lot every 10 years as new data comes in. Regulations take decades to catch up sometimes.
"Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy expose the fetus to a sound as loud as that made by a subway train coming into a station" New Scientist Magazine.
ULTRASOUND CAUSES Miscarriage or Unwanted Abortion ► -- Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 1990; 44: 196-201
ULTRASOUND CREATES HEAT and we know from other studies that heat causes birth defects (this is why many people don't have sex during pregnancy too, as sex rises the body temperature):
Heat 1 ► "Even slight temperature elevations at crucial developmental stages can cause neural defects resulting in BRAIN MALFORMATIONS" ► - free full paper - Cell Stress Chaperones. 2002 Jan; 7(1): 73–90.
Heat 2 ► "Epidemiologic studies strongly suggest that in utero exposure to hyperthermia results in developmental DEFECTS in humans. ► -- Reprod Toxicol. 1999 Jan-Feb;13(1):31-9.
Heat 3 ► DNA FRAGMENTATION was also observed in embryos exposed to 42 degrees C, but only at the 5 hr time point" ► -- Teratology. 1997 Sep;56(3):210-9.
Heat 4 ► A Population-Based Case–Control Study of Extreme SUMMER Temperature and BIRTH DEFECTS ► -- Environ Health Perspect. 2012 Oct; 120(10): 1443–1449. - "We found positive and consistent associations between multiple heat indicators during the relevant developmental window and congenital cataracts"
Heat 5 ► -- Int J Hyperthermia. 2003 May-Jun;19(3):295-324 ► "Hyperthermia during pregnancy can cause embryonic death, ABORTION, GROWTH RETARDATION AND DEVELOPMENTAL DEFECTS. The development of the central nervous system is especially susceptible: a 2.5 degrees C elevation for 1 h during early neural tube closure in rats resulted in an increased incidence of CRANIO-FACIAL DEFECTS, and a 'spike' temperature elevation of 2-2.5 degrees C in an exposure of 1 h during early neurogenesis in guinea pigs caused an increase in the incidence of MICROENCEPHALY... In humans, epidemiological studies suggest that an elevation of maternal body temperature by 2 degrees C for at least 24 h during fever can cause a range of developmental defects."
Heat 6 ► -- JAMA. 1992 Aug 19;268(7):882-5. ► As explains, they found that "Women who use hot tubs or saunas during the first trimester of their pregnancies face up to triple the risk of bearing children with SPINA BIFIDA OR BRAIN DAMAGE".
Heat 7 ► -- free full paper -- Environ Health. 2013; 12: 88. ► "The risk for gastroschisis in offspring was increased among women who reported SHOWERS LASTING ≥15 compared to <15 minutes. We observed modest increases in the risk for SPINA BIFIDA, cleft lip with or without cleft palate, and LIMB REDUCTION DEFECTS in offspring of women who showered ≥15 compared to <15 minutes."
Heat 8 ► -- Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2011 Sep;91(9):836-41 ► "Mothers of infants with gastroschisis and anencephaly were significantly more likely to report any use of a HOT TUB in EARLY PREGNANCY. Among the mothers who reported using a hot tub more than once in the exposure period and remaining in it for more than 30 min, we found significantly elevated odds ratios for esophageal atresia, omphalocele, and gastroschisis"
INCREASE IN AUTISM RATES, DNA DAMAGE associated with Increase in Ultrasound intensity limits ►
1. In the USA, 1985 the limit was 46 mW/cm2 spatial peak temporal average (SPTA) intensity for ultrasound machines, and in 1992 it became 720 mW/cm2 SPTA intensity (peak exposure was also increased). Since this increase, approved by the FDA, autism rates went up 60+ times. This data is explained in the free full paper at -- Semin Ultrasound CT MR. 2008 Apr; 29(2): 156–164. This 2008 paper explains that "Ultrasonic cavitation can cause mechanical damage and can even generate free radicals and sonochemicals capable of DNA damage. For example, single strand breaks from hydrogen peroxide production and genetic mutation have been demonstrated in in vitro studies of cultured cells subjected to ultrasonic cavitation." ►
2. Comet assay reveals DNA strand breaks induced by ultrasonic cavitation in vitro. ► -- Ultrasound Med Biol. 1995;21(6):841-8.
3. Modest enhancement of ultrasound-induced mutations in V79 cells in vitro. ► -- Ultrasound Med Biol. 1992;18(5):465-9.
4. The paper "Potential teratogenic effects of ultrasound on corticogenesis: implications for AUTISM." at (Med Hypotheses. 2010 Jul;75(1):53-8) states "The rising rates of autism coincident with the increased use of ultrasound in obstetrics and its teratogenic/toxic effects on the CNS demand further research regarding a putative correlation."
5. A 2006 paper found ultrasound exposure leads to brain changes similar to those in autism cases ► -- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Aug 22; 103(34): 12903–12910. A related paper entitled "Our unborn children at risk" is here ► -- Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Aug 22; 103(34): 12661–12662.
1. "Measurement of the uterus and gestation sac by ultrasound in early normal and abnormal pregnancy." ► (N Z Med J. 1981 Jan 14;93(675):3-5.) is a very quoted paper that explains that ultrasound measurement of the fetus was less precise than the measurement done by a midwife (they go thru training like nurses). This is important, since as the above studies show, ultrasound use causes the fetus to get smaller. Also, one of the main reasons people use ultrasound is to see fetus size.
2. Fetal heart monitors that are used prior to delivery have all the issues of ultrasound routine scans mentioned above. In countries with more ultrasound use in pregnancy, the autism rates are even higher than in the US.
3. The world's most prestigious medical Journal, the Lancet, published in 1993 a randomized controlled study on ultrasound imaging. Volume 342, No. 8876, p887–891, 9 October 1993 ► As the link explains, "From 2834 women with single pregnancies at 16-20 weeks gestation, 1415 were selected at random to receive ultrasound imaging and continuous-wave Doppler flow studies at 18, 24, 28, 34, and 38 weeks gestation (the intensive group) and 1419 to receive single ultrasound imaging at 18 weeks (the regular group). The only difference between the two groups was significantly higher intrauterine growth restriction in the intensive group" - this means sometimes SMALLER SHORTER BABIES WITH SMALLER BRAINS, lower IQ, as a result of ULTRASOUND.
4. -- Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2000;(2):CD001450 -- ► "routine Doppler ultrasound in low risk or unselected populations does not confer benefit on mother or baby"
5. -- Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 1998 Jul;77(6):643-8. ► "Screening routines for intrauterine growth retardation currently used in Germany miss the majority of cases and do not contribute towards improved pregnancy outcome in detected cases"
6. -- Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. 1998 Jul;77(6):635-42 ► using ultrasound before birth lead to more deaths before birth than not using it ► "The neonatal survival rate was 77% in the prenatally diagnosed group and 96% in the postnatally diagnosed group"
7. -- BMJ. 1993 Jul 17; 307(6897): 159–164. ► "Our data suggest a possible association between routine ultrasonography in utero and subsequent non-right handedness"
8. - CMAJ November 15, 1993 vol. 149 no. 10 ► "an association between ultrasound scans and DELAYED SPEECH was found."
Reading the many studies summaries at will convince many to never do ultrasound unless there is some huge problem with the baby. Female body temperature increases even during erotica that doesn't involve sex ► It may be safer to behave like ever praying celibate saintly nuns and monks during pregnancy. :)
Since very little is known about the effects of cosmic radiation on the fetus, it may be better to fly at hours other than between say 9 am and 3 pm, because in this 6 hour window the radiation is maximum (ideally away from 7 am to 5 pm). If your flight is flexible, you can also avoid solar storms, since radiation can be 100 times stronger then. The effect is minimal though in general, unless one flies every other day. One study concluded no effects for pregnant pilots ► - Scand J Work Environ Health. 2003 Apr;29(2):94-9. "Specific birth outcomes (low birth weight, perinatal death, preterm birth, neural tube defects, total cleft, cleft palate) were fewer for the pilots/cabin attendants' offspring than for non-pilots, except for Down syndrome and hypospadias - leading the researchers to conclude in general there is no risk in flying while pregnant. noticed flight attendants didn't get more miscarriage than teachers. Other studies are more cautious. - Obstet Gynecol. 2004 Jun;103(6):1326-30 says you may need be careful, since there are sudden bursts of cosmic radiation sometimes. is saying there may be risks of mental retardation and leukemia even for pregnant pilot's kids, and that flight attendants may get higher than safe doses. However, most passengers flying 1-15 times a year get far less than a flight attendant (they are part-timers often times), and way less than a pilot. "The results indicate that the dose to the fetus can exceed a recommended fetal dose limit of 1 mSv after 10 round trips on commercial flights between Toronto and Frankfurt. ► - Health Phys. 2008 Oct;95(4):407-12.
Ultrasound screening is big business, like breast cancer screening, which leads to more money being made, while increasing cancer rates ► - Eur J Cancer Prev. 2005 Apr;14(2):117-28. (cancer rates doubled due to frequent over diagnosis (reminds me of the guy who gave chemotherapy to people who don't need it)and also irradiation to check for tumors, and possibly due to negative suggestions from doctors once something that may be or may not be a problem was seen, leading to ultra powerful psychosomatic effect that becomes diagnosis on future visits - the mind kills or heals the body, depending on what thoughts one has). Blind faith in the sometimes clueless doctors can contribute to the 3rd leading cause of death - medical errors ► Doctors are humans and we all make mistakes. Some people simply never do any serious research online, it's all there. CT scans offer 50000 times more radiation than the old x-ray scanners at airports (replaced with radiowaves in most airports now). All these things highlight just how important is to think positive and say positive things to the pregnant moms and the baby, for best telepathy, health and brain development. :)
Epidurals early in labor increased cesarean rate 12 times in one study ( - Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1993 Oct;169(4):851-8 - explains that *risk of cesarean was 50% if epidural put at 2 cm, 33% at 3 cm, 26% at 4 cm (centimeters)), led to maternal fever, babies being taken away from mom after birth and placed in intensive care units and overdosed with antibiotics (as studies show at, there can be a huge 15 point drop in IQ and a drop in TELEPATHY IQ when the bonding between mom and child does not occur first 3 days of life, bonding which cannot happen when a drugged mom is not conscious and baby is placed in a box hooked up to tubes). It is not just one study that talks about this epidural-cesarean link. See (Obstet Gynecol. 1995 Nov;86(5):783-9.) where they found a 2-4 fold increase in cesareans, as well as longer labor, higher infection, etc as a result of epidurals. A similar study is at (Obstet Gynecol. 1996 Dec;88(6):993-1000) ► "the cesarean rate among women receiving epidural analgesia was 17% (168 of 991), compared with 4% (30 of 742) among those who did not receive epidural analgesia". That's a 4 times increase in cesarean rate due to epidurals. If it would be one study showing this, it would be hard to believe. But there are many. The industry that is involved in cesareans and epidurals is so entrenched that now (when cesarean rate is 33% today instead of 5.5% in 1970 in USA), we have a lot of newer studies whose conflict of interest may affect the outcome (Big Oil making studies showing electric cars are bad or pollution is negligible type of thing, Big Tobacco making studies showing that smoking is good). Pay someone enough and a study is made showing chemical Y is harmless. Give them enough consulting fees, etc, that they will advocate for whatever Pharma sells and publish those studies. The Cesarean rate increased 60% since 1996 - around when the good studies came out, apparently almost nobody paid much attention, since now about 60% of women receive epidurals during labor, sometimes without any real need, it's part of "Standard Operating Procedure".
As a result of these studies in the 1990s, in 2000 the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Task Force on Cesarean Delivery recommended that "when feasible, obstetric practitioners should delay the administration of epidural anesthesia in nulliparous women until the cervical dilatation reaches at least 4–5 cm". If you read the history of the birth procedures explained at , you will see they are always changing their medical intervention methods, as more data shows how each previous method was bad... in unforeseen side effects. Fillings had lead in 1800s for teeth. :) Medicine is always changing.
For a lot more study references regarding epidural drugs concentrations in the baby versus mother (There were no significant differences between maternal and umbilical venous plasma total or free concentrations of fentanyl ► - Anaesthesia, 1997 Jun;52(6):517-24), difficulty of breathing leading to blue babies who need resuscitation and who are brain damaged due to low oxygen, low blood glucose leading to brain damage in kids and low IQ, liver toxicity of epidural drugs in babies, etc, see
Water birth reduces the catastrophic effects these drugs have on the tiny baby, for whom those doses crossing the placenta are WAY TOO MUCH. Even for women, these doses are way too much, let alone the baby. For decades they used to give drugs that were so bad, women had to be physically tied down. Even so, many women woke up with hoarse voices and bruises, self-inflicted, due to the madman screaming and behavior during labor that the drugs facilitated. For more, see pages 77-80 of Some drugs remain the babies for months and only 50 mg of Demerol (also known as pithidine ► were found to cause neurological damage in babies for several years. Study Claims Birth Injuries as Most Common Cause of Autism ► Harvard Researchers concluded a bad birth increases the risk of autism ►
In "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth " ( Author Henci Goer found that "researchers compared newborn behavioral abilities at 12 hours and 3 days of age in women receiving Demerol and women having no drugs in labor. Demerol clearly adversely affected newborn behavioral competency. A study comparing fentanyl to Demerol found they had similar neurobehavioral effects on the newborn. In another study, researchers observed 72 newborns left on their mothers' abdomen at birth. Of the newborns whose mothers had no narcotic (pethidine), 72% spontaneously crawled up on their mother's trunk, latched on, and suckled correctly versus 20% of the newborns whose mothers had had pethidine during labor." ► MORE DRUGS, DUMBER BABIES
According to Suzanne Arms, "an astounding 96% of all women who get a fever in labor have had an epidural. A tragic 86% of newborns who are put on full-spectrum antibiotics, and have full septic workups while in the ICU have been born to mothers who had epidurals in labor. Nurses and breastfeeding consultants have observed that babies born following epidurals often seem to be numb around the mouth. This may be the reason why so many babies have difficulty getting breastfeeding started. The domino effect of this one intervention is broad, yet the full information about its adverse effects is seldom given to parents."
Cesarean rate going up 4-12 times as a result of epidurals according to these studies may be why, according to (Natl Vital Stat Rep. 2013 Sep;62(3):1-20.), "The cesarean delivery rate for the United States was unchanged in 2012 at 32.8%. The preterm birth rate ... 11.54%. The low birthweight rate ... 7.99%." Compare this 33% USA Cesarean rate with a 3% Cesarean rate in Netherlands in the 1970s (it was 5.5% in USA in 1970 too) where 70% of births were done by nurse-midwives at home. A 10 fold difference. If this doesn't ring a bell that something is wrong, what will? Below the Netherlands birth system is described in detail, due to its much better statistics:
MORE ABOUT BIRTHS WITH LESS MEDICAL INTERVENTION: is an amazing article about the history of home births in Netherlands (17 million inhabitants), where 70% of births were done at home assisted by midwives in the 1970s (30% today) - 9 times less episiotomies per birth than in USA, far fewer cesareans. The importance of a gentle tender sweet soft birth to future TELEPATHY and BRAIN development is explained in more detail in the post about TELEPATHY with spirit babies, before conception, before birth ► Netherlands has the lowest rate of medical intervention during childbirth, the highest use of midwives as primary attendants at birth, the lowest percentage of babies or mothers who die or get injured during childbirth. ► - page 49-50, book costs only 1 cent used. explains "Some 30 percent of Dutch women deliver at home while around 60 percent do so in hospital, mostly for medical reasons, and another 10 percent deliver in special out-patient birthing clinics. The figure has been stable since 1990, according to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment."
Complications in home births are 2.3 times less frequent compared to hospital births according to this study (full paper) ► - BMJ 2013;346:f3263
There are many advantages for TELEPATHY development in using a midwife and water birth system, within a hospital that allows water births or using hospital as backup. is a 4 min video explains the benefits of water birth - a healthier gentler (more telepathic) baby (all those anesthetics in huge quantities zap the baby too, and the mother extra stress hormones), REDUCES MOTHER PAIN-BLOOD PRESSURE-STRESS-HORMONES DRAMATICALLY, reduces the use of anesthetics, reduces C-sections (by 10 times in one study), episiotomies (by 33 times in one study) and time of labor.
You might like this nurse talking about water birth for 2 minutes also ► A happier mom is one able to nurture her baby more and aid the baby's telepathic development, cognitive development and higher IQ. :)
Many hospitals do it, even if many people do it at home or some alternative clinic with hospital as back up in case there is a need. For a written list of benefits, see In some hospitals 10% of births are water based.
At page 198-199 of the "Soul Trek" book ( a mother experiences some brutal handling of her and her new born girl by the nurses at the hospital. Because of this brutality at birth, her baby cried frequently for months, did not sleep, etc. Driven insane by this, the mother resorted to the strangest method - at last - TELEPATHY: she told the baby that she will always be with her, she will never let any nurse or anyone do anything hurtful to her and what happened at the hospital will never happen to her again, etc. Then, the baby became quiet and slept for the first time thru the night and ever since. Certain people think everything has a "chemical" explanation, but data suggests that it's not always like that. Lots of kids or adults have fears of places, situations or people that are irrational, and sometimes these only disappear during "past life recall". This experience is just one of many other similar ones, where just talking via telepathy with a baby solves a lot of problems. :) Babies are far more telepathic than adults. After this experience, the mother vowed to never birth at the hospital and do it at home. When people do it at home in water, etc, they only use hospital as backup if there is complication - or go to a hospital doing water births (there is one usually in any big metropolitan area).
Water birth decreases the risk of Cesarean sections (sometimes by 10 times, see a study below), tearing and episiotomy (sometimes by 33 times
For another take on water birth see also "Many psychologists believe that babies born gently grow up to become more gentle adults, and have a greater ability to deal with problems non-violently."
This article ( was written by a lady who gave birth to all her 5 kids in the water. :) ♥ lol
"All five of my children were born in water. Every one of them was an experience I now look back on with fondness and great pride. How wonderful it has been to be able to bring my babies into the world in a way that was kind and gentle. How wonderful for me not to have to suffer unbearably to do it.
I first heard about water birth one week before my first baby was due. Nineteen years old and convinced I wanted to go natural, water birth offered me something I had given up as only available through drugs: the promise of less pain. The women who had tried it had consistently and unanimously reported that their contractions were far less painful while laboring in the water. And they all said that having had a water birth once, they could not see giving birth in any other way."
This 2009 study ( shows the benefits of water birth: higher rates of spontaneous vaginal births (no vacuum or forceps) 100% - versus 79.2% for air birth.
In an Italian study the Cesarean rate for water birth was 4.4%, versus 38% for air birth ►
For over 100 studies showing overall benefits of water birth as well as risks, see
Water births reduce pain by about 90-97%, so in many cases midwives never give any medication to the mother. Standing, getting on the knees and hands, squatting (see youtube videos of water births, just type "water birth youtube" on google, squatting is the best position, since the opening becomes the largest and makes birth easiest) or sitting with spine straight (even if in a water birth pool), being active, eating well, etc have been used for millennia to aid birth. Lying down horizontal is the WORST position (according to many midwives) that can make labor last 10 times longer (for millions of years people have never done that, only now they do it horizontally, which leads to far more medical interventions), as gravity does not help. Birth control pills can lower the IQ, ESP-IQ of women's future baby as explained at ► There are many natural ways to induce labor without chemicals, using massage, etc.
Doctors get paid more for a cesarean. Babies breathe harder after a cesarean and are more likely to be placed in intensive care, where they get blood samples taken out every few hours (very stressful for someone who just went thru the stress of birth) and drugs pumped into them, wrecking their brain and leading to lots of health problems, not just IQ lower by 15 points as shown by many studies. Epidural drugs raise mom's temperature and this often confuses doctors who think baby has infection due to the higher temperature the doctor sees on the baby. Wrongly diagnosing the temperature rise, the doctors sometimes put the babies under the terror intensive care regime, away from maternal bonding, leading to less breastfeeding later too, and a cascading series of events that damage IQ and many brain functions for many years to come, in fact often times, permanently.

Because of these issues, parents have the right to bring a BIRTH PLAN to the hospital, and specify no Intravenous, no Electronic Monitor of Heartbeat (even FDA is against it, but doctors push it), no Ultrasound, no episiotomy, no drugs at all unless absolutely needed (many women have labor and feel ZERO PAIN AS IT LASTS 3 HOURS MAXIMUM - this the Big Pharma doesn't publicize as it cuts into sales of poisons - all anesthetics are poisons used in small doses, but they are used since it's worse usually to do surgery without anesthetic as people can die from pain shock when they are cut), no being separated from baby at birth (let him breastfeed right away), no epidural, squat (special beds allow this sitting or squatting to have gravity help shorten labor by 2-5 times sometimes) bed, no giving baby sugar water or eye drops, just milk and bonding with mom first 3 days, no "checking baby and taking blood out of him after the stress of birth" in those intensive "care" units. Some doctors and nurses get pissed when someone is informed and comes with a BIRTH PLAN. But the best thing, according to many midwives, is to do water birth in the most alternative hospitals there are, 1 in 100 usually do water births. Those doctors are unlike most, a few centuries ahead of the rest when it comes to understanding some things :) Like Tesla was a few centuries head of his peers. - New England Journal of Medicine 1989; 321:1804-1811, December 28, 1989 -- shows that Cesarean rate was 4.4% at birth centers, in 1989, compared to 23% at hospitals in America back then (33% today, profit trumps humanity). Birth centers are geared towards a natural birth, with minimal intervention and more freedom to squat (one can squat on any bed or sit kind of, allowing gravity to aid birth and shorten labor by 5 times sometimes and pain by 10 times).
STUDIES SHOWING THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN CONTACT as in home births or water births in hospitals or birth centers where everything is different from normal mechanized births - totally superior to machines
1. The presence of doulas at Mexico hospitals decreased cesarean rate by 12 times. Doulas are female assistants during birth (they are used when there is no midwife, in some hospitals or settings). Women were split into 2 groups: doula and standard. 42% of doula group and 96% from standard group needed pitocin (a name for oxytocin), 8% of doula group and 16% of the standard group got epidurals, 2% of doula group and 24% of standard group got cesareans, labor time was 14.5 for doula and 19.4 for standard. The presence of a human being, not machines made by men, is more effective. After all, people created all machines, not the other way around. ► - free full paper - Journal of Perinatal Education 2000 Spring; 9(2): 8–13
2. Doulas led to 2.4 times less cesareans, 6.5 times less oxytocin augmentation, 2 times shorter labor, fewer complications and intensive care treatments (these things can lead to 15 point IQ drop) ► -- British Medical Journal (Clin Res Ed). 1986 Sep 6; 293(6547): 585–587.
3. About 600 women were split into 3 groups of about 200 each, one group supported by doulas, another observed group by someone doing nothing, a third control group going thru typical medical birth. Cesarean rates were: supported group, 8%; observed group, 13%; and control group, 18%. Epidural anesthesia results: supported group, 7.8%; observed group, 22.6%; and control group, 55.3%. Oxytocin use, duration of labor, prolonged infant hospitalization, and maternal fever followed a similar pattern. You get the idea... ► -- JAMA. 1991 May 1;265(17):2197-201.
4. The presence of doula cut labor time by 54% (8.8 hours with doulas, 19.3 without), complications by a factor of 3 times, increased smiling-stroking of babies after birth and the degree of wakefulness ► -- New England Journal of Medicine 1980 Sep 11;303(11):597-600.

Professor Cornelius Naaktgeboren from Netherland's largest and most famous medical school did some ANIMAL AND HUMAN STUDIES that, in his opinion, showed the critical IMPORTANCE OF PRIVACY AND NO DISTRACTIONS during labor for a smooth painless short labor. Modern births in most hospitals with 15 nurses and technicians coming and going, interruptions and machinery run against the reflexes of millions of years that make focusing on labor only undistracted impossible and lead to so much longer, more painful labors with a lot more intervention, EPIDURALS, CESAREANS, ICU over drugging of newly born, all things that lead to IQ drops of 15 points and autism, brain damage, poor health, destroyed immune system, autoimmune diseases, etc. Is it any wonder that the outcomes and statistics of birth are far superior for small settings found in water birth rooms of open minded hospitals and birth centers that make it secluded with the midwife and husband only?:
1. He noticed and filmed how a deer interrupts the labor and runs away to a safer spot if it hears the slightest noise or perceives the slightest distraction - a typical reflex related to fight or flight response.
2. Elephants create a ring of protection around a female in labor, turning their back towards the female in labor, for similar reasons of feeling safe and private.
3. Rabbits stopped their labor once a human came into the room to watch for 2 hours and as soon as the human left, the rabbit expelled a litter of rabbits in 10 minutes (rabbit babies are tiny compared to the pelvic outlet, when compared to humans or mammals, so their labor is very short).
Many other similar studies led Professor Naaktgeboren to come up with the hypothesis that a doula or midwife whom a person interacts all the time (besides the husband for emotional support) during the labor is much better than 10-15 technicians in the assembly line births (geared towards fast medication and intervention so that doctors work only minimal hours and spend minutes sometimes per birth (many births at once) or whatever) due to this million year reflex built in - which stresses people in unfamiliar surroundings with new people coming and going, etc. Being in a place where people feel safer and more loved (instead of a mechanized heartless environment) decreases stress hormones and allows the birth to proceed easily. Birth centers near hospitals (hospital as backup) are also cheaper, besides having WAY better statistics (as seen in the studies above) on birth outcomes than most hospitals that over drug, over monitor with ultrasound, over cut (episiotomy, cesarean, etc) pregnant women. There are nice hospitals that have a very welcoming and natural approach and do water birth, just google it for your area "water birth in my area" etc. Not all hospitals have the same statistics, some are 5 times worse than others. Home water births (can rent an inflatable tub) with certified nurse-midwives can be 3-10 times cheaper also, if there is no need to use the hospital backup (most of the time there is no such use).
A mother's milk contents change with each time of the day, and with each month, as the baby grows and with each individual mom for her child, with exact antibodies the kid needs, at the right time, etc. No formula made in 5 years can replicate a food built by nature over 4 billion years. Hence long breastfed babies are smarter, healthier, taller, etc. Babies who hear the human heartbeat sound (recorded) are calmer and feel better, same for babies who hear it by being near their mom a lot. Babies whose immune system is in touch wit the bacteria from mom's skin have better health. The so called "advanced" mainstream hospitalized birth system today that removes contact between mom and baby has IQ, ESP, immune function, health parameters lowering effects. The baby's biological functions learn a lot by being near mom. Studies show that giving babies vaccines after 6 months and spread out over time, decrease potential paralysis and lifelong brain damage and all negative reactions by 10-50 times. Once again, overloading a tiny baby with foreign chemicals when its immune system is not fully developed is not the best idea. At 6-12 months the immune system is much stronger. The US Government has given billions of dollars to kids permanently damaged by vaccines as explained in the very long post ►
As Suzanne Arms wrote in her 20 suggestions at the end of her book Immaculate Deception II ( on page 218-219, a good idea would be to follow the methods of Netherlands, which has the best statistics for birth outcomes and make midwives a separate profession that is not on leash of Big Pharma Industrial Complex - Medical Education/Brainwashing by Pharma of Doctors Complex - to prevent Cesarean rates going up 6 times as from 1970 to today, due to MONEY. And also to prevent bad outcomes that cost America trillions of dollars long-term as a result of bad birth practices which result in poor health, low IQ, autoimmune diseases, autism, etc all from overwhelming use of force, as in the overwhelming use of stone age present science "drugs", which if you look at history, are always changed as side effects are found. Looking at these birth center statistics as in the studies above and their cesarean rates of 10 times lower, etc, makes you realize something is fundamentally wrong with healthcare in America and most of the world. We are focusing on interventionist ultra-medication ultra-surgery methods that are often not needed at all and do far more damage - since there is little regulation to prove safety of these drugs during birth and whether they maim babies or damage them and cancel out all the progress we achieved in medicine. A third of deaths in many countries are due to medical mistakes. PREVENTION is absent or minimal, PREVENTION OF DISEASE THRU EDUCATION should be 90% of healthcare... when if you look at some of the centenarians who lived to 112, etc they never went to a doctor, and got trained by parents in prevention and proper eating from early on. The privatization of healthcare means essentially that dichloroacetic acid for example, which was shown to be an effective cancer tumor killer in mice, is not taken by any Pharma company seriously for human clinical trials, since it cannot be patented, money cannot be made. The whole Pharma is often about MAKING MONEY by managing disease not about curing cancer, as a cancer cure runs them out of business. That's why it's much more ethical to have the government sponsor research into cures for diseases and not become a puppet of Big Pharma giving them tax breaks and all kinds of whatever. That's why also the birth outcomes are totally superior when there is the least medical involvement or when done in very holistic alternative hospitals who focus on water birth, etc (very very few). The whole system doesn't see how conflict of interest, corruption and lies have pervaded all branches and objective studies are hard to come by due to pressure from Big Pharma Educators who control what "education" doctors get in medical school - minimal about nutrition and prevention of course. It's going to take a long time to change the system, but at least these studies make people question their assumptions once a year if they read this post. :) Not to mention the thousands of people who have cured with raw foods and herbs incurable diseases that according to "all knowing" doctors would have killed them in days, weeks or months. Search on google and youtube for "natural cure for disease x" and you will find a lot of stuff that most doctors have no clue about. In her book's Appendix Suzanne Arms presents the case of a doctor who noticed that the more people saw physicians, the sicker they got. This may be due the negative thinking coming each time something minor can be interpreted in a paranoid way, extreme need/habit to prescribe pills or to diagnose (one doctor made a list of many diseases a women could have after a simple test and chose the worst possibility and then did more tests, etc - years of macho medical intervention ended in failure, so he learned to be more feminine and wait and not jump to conclusions from limited science data, especially as science changes by the day with thousands of articles published daily) and the super-power of negative doctor words and thus placebo in destroying people's health. This doesn't mean that all doctors are bad or all tests are useless, but it's a lot of hear say, methods, fake studies, conflict of interest, Pharma and other medical devices companies sponsoring conferences and recommending machines, tests, drugs for anything, skewing medical education towards pharma-device sales, etc that come into play here, commissions, paying off machines bought by doing tests, etc. One has to be objective, do one's own research, look at anything from all angles, and not believe all the sweet talk and stories from doctors and sales reps from Pharma, since some become doctors to make money only.
In her book, Suzanne Arms presents some 2-3 hour labors (this is what someone can expect, manifest by positive thoughts and expectations and preparation a wonderful fun painless birth - as it was for many women - to the shock of doctors who thought as per brainwashing that "BIRTH HAS TO BE PAINFUL and last up to 24 hours - 20 hours average in some hospitals") without drugs and medical interventions and sometimes outside of a hospital altogether (at home with certified midwife). You might like reading this long free interview with Suzanne at Right now America spends 4 times per birth Netherlands, Britain spend and has far worse outcomes than Netherlands where they got more home births, midwives, human contact, less machines, tests, pills, injections, etc. A former Pharma sales rep explains it all in this youtube video ► (
MD Peter Breggin of who helped in 150 lawsuits against Big Pharma explains how many medicines cause shorter lifespan by 20 years, suicide, violence, frequent incarceration, diabetes, blood pressure and internal organ issues, smaller brain, lower height and weight ► (see also The less known thing behind Big Pharma and Big Medical Device "evidence based medicine" is clearer when they choose what gets published and never mention alternative cures that heal diseases at 1/10000th the cost and in 2 weeks not 2 years ► ( - publish only what makes a pill/device look good, while ignoring the studies showing bad effects or no effects and ignore natural far cheaper things such as omega 3 rich foods, DHA from algae that were shown to make people calm and happier in many studies). Vioxx pill killed 38000 Americans. People forget that. Gullibility is super-high among some people who think science remains the same, all doctors and pharma sales are saints or super-smart, or all medical research is done by ethical people all the time, sometimes it is, but the guys in charge of what gets published censor stuff to make things look good, be them pills, machines, etc. For those who still disbelieve my hypotheses, I suggest reading this post with an excerpt from Immaculate Deception book ► This shows what happens with a medical system when profit and corruption start affecting medical education, doctor behavior, etc Birth trauma has real effects on TELEPATHY PRECISION, as explained at Alex P
Time Travel, Astral experience. c2c time travel and ascension (Richard Syrett)


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