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Remote Viewing, Dreams, Time Travelling; Robert Morningstar

You may want to skipped the first part on money except on the "Bit coins" were made for the dark internet by crooks, who want to pay no taxes, buying the untraceable, whores, hire killings and, buying elections. She didn't know much about. (2500)  They're in and crooks will always use them. I hear they have set up by government to catch them?

The money part, Kathereine $, skipped. The second part, The idea we can change a future by changing an object in the dream and, got new knowledge on how Robert did it. (I have 5 forewarning too and my N American indian lineage has a Morningstar?) too (Revelations or interpretations are the hardest at times and dreams I discovered dreams can be in 3-layers or, levels. past= as it relates, now, and future. (change a experience by prayer) Health: my gift is reading the iris on the health/conditioning of the body known by the ancients. (You Tube took out? Use this link instead) It is also found on Conflict 2016.
Robert Morningstar checked in to discuss his experiences in remote viewing (RV), lucid dreaming and out-of-body travel. Morningstar teaches classes in all three disciplines at the Edgar Cayce institute in New York City. He believes that remote viewing is "a survival function of the human race" and that "science has denied and shut it down." One of the books used in his teaching is Penetration by the "father of remote viewing"

- the late Ingo Swann. Swann famously RVed some sort of alien structures on the far side of the Moon, and Morningstar tasked a few of his advanced RV) students to look there as well. They also said that they detected evidence of an operation there by non-human entities, which is ongoing.

Morningstar says he has had lucid dreams which have saved his life. One was a dream about a auto crash which actually occurred a few days later. He was able to change a few small details in real life to deviate from the tragic details of the dream (such as borrowing a car that day which was a different color than the one in his dream.) He ended up surviving the six car pileup without a scratch. He refers to this strange self-preservation faculty as the "Master of the House," which he believes monitors the environment for any approaching danger. In another dream he saw a small being which looked like a demon and then felt as if he had been shot. He believes that this saved his life later when he almost became the victim of a robbery and murder involving a strange-looking child who tried to lure him into a conflict. Morningstar also addressed a disagreement with a group of his friends who are convinced that the Earth is flat. Among other reasons, he responded that "everything in the sky is round, so why would the earth be flat?"

The three Nephite's are time travelers on the earth; given this gift by Jesus before he died. Their are many modes of traveling.
OBE out of body experiences
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