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We are in our peak of wickedness AS, IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, with more of conspiracies that will destroy and bring in more works of evil. Noah's family genes was not corrupted in his generation therefore Noah was considered righteous member of the Lords priesthood (Prophet) and considered the man for the Lord's weeding sins of his people. They were spared for many of these reasons

Image result for noah's ark
This represented the baptism of the earth next, to come is its confirmation of fire (holy Ghost)

We are the separation's in the story of examples of "clean" and, "unclean beast." Compare Plum Island and the new genetic exchanges of beast, even to an animal head to human. See more of these examples at Plum Island. All their beasts, including man, become corrupted for any future use of the Lords work and their missions to mankind.
In his next coming, since God will not send, another "Noah flood" as promised however, the God of this earth can destroy your corruptions by using his usual Moses/Pharos' pestilences, famines and weather conditions to part the seas.'  (In which man/devil has control and polluted to filth.)
EX:(New plagues: new mosquitoes to destroy life of new your1st born's, as of old), Ebola, and through droughts. Our earth's in turmoil as in the weather destroys man and all its life forms, food maybe the last is the famine to destroying and humbling man into repentance if possible.
Mostly to destroy the powerful corruption of man robbing the helpless man/animals, the poorer and, all his purposes to creation of earth life.
His work is not yours and you've polluted even the children and rob him.
(Have you in anyway joined these unclean? Abortions or those who've conspired against the not born/born yet? If so their blood still is to mark at your door as in the time of Moses (that similitude of their blood will testify against you in participating-lack of apathy as it was then) and, God's angle of death will not pass you by.
Plum's Island (Government) has caused more of our plague's (many freak oddity's (unclean) bugs; like Zeka, of nature) Keep studying why they've moved. Some went to the sea

Will corruption of life end? No, it will continue on until he finish his work/school, but he will always send his champions to the cause Of LIFE.
1 example: Radon is heavier than air, so while the benzene and methane from the Porter Ranch leak are floating upwards and away, the radon lingers longer in the environment, she explained. Further, when radon decays it leaves lead and polonium byproducts that stay in one place, and lead is a particularly deadly substance, Halevy recounted how in 1979, she was visiting a small town in Pennsylvania, when the Three Mile Island accident occurred-- she could actually see the cooling towers of the plant from where she was staying one mile away.
 An epidemiological study showed that the highest incidence of thyroid cancer and leukemia in the entire United States was within 50 miles of Three Mile Island, she reported. The effects of Fukushima have never gone away, said HaLevy, who characterized the 2011 nuclear incident as the worst ecological disaster of the planet. The mainstream media has downplayed the effects, and there's been much contamination in Japan, especially to fish in the adjacent waters, she said, adding that "rainout"-- radioactive particles from the jet stream-- has fallen over the US and other countries.

People need to become informed, learn what they can do to protect their health, and get active in terms of reform and safety, she advised. *Nuclear Power Safe? If Fukushima hasn't opened your eyes, look here! "We do not need nuclear power. The world does not need nuclear power. To visit death upon current and future generations from radiation is unforgivable."
 Nuclear Power Safe? If Fukushima hasn't opened your eyes, look here!
(Three Mile Island - No! to more Nuclear Power - Libbe HaLevy)

Some courage:

Note I /have been back twice as something is changing words about and it's meaning. Who? We know why. PT S
It's the compare-contrast of truth to: (Noah's generation, Gideon Robbers, and today's
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