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FATAL ATTRACTION'S, (+Narcissistic personality's)

If you can handle these liars, you'll become a meaningful leader in any professional job. Any leader has to be able to handle these Narcissistic personality's, who are mates: FATAL ATTRACTION'S and to many most hold public offices and leadership positions in politics.

These are being groomed, the unrepentant here on earth, and will join or, become  demon's on the other. (That's their hell, metaphorically in their fire forever)
In the makings; they will haunt man from beyond, and are the one's that will be saved last in the last resurrection (Like the stars (Stars, Moon and Sun) or in the telestial kingdom where David will rule and reign because he was a son of perdition and killed against the greater light doomed forever.
(They will never have increase + no sealing to families and doomed to be the tempters till then. They are rooming, doomed becoming the demons over in the spirit word in their own prisons as they 've like to still torment, temp and haunt us. Many countries are producing them today in a false religion. They like to take control, like Satan did and does. See below; they're into witchcrafts and demon weapons to destroy.
Narcissist's are prominent in political arena's.
Birds of a feather flock together still holds truth.

Although, We are trying not to have a self-serving "me" personality or, not use nor abuse others for our benefits (I'm not speaking of you here). (Ex. Christian, which a true narcissist will latch onto to beat you down with it and many turn into sociopaths'.) Any devil follower (monsters) can quote scriptures.

They can be gambler, prob. drinking, porn, gay, on drugs, in other words, into witch crafts/demonic
not good family people as they can't keep a family together; some follow witchcrafts and cults.
They will ruin some of their own children passing on their genes.
Or, kids will pick up learned behaviors from the parent.
It starts by teaching personality disorders in humanities' in high school
so kids could discern who not to marry.


They become friend to those who feed their ego's

Image result for narcissistic people
One way or another, survive, or, you may become unbalanced when you are taken in.

======================== The sad song of a Narcissistic progenitor

Goodbye stranger!: song
Addendum:  His/Her song (values)
Saved by Zero (Fixx)

This is a big red light! (cue) We all feel we can't bear up or have changes within our stress/LEVEL of personal trials. Hang in there one more day. TODAY (Turn it over to the Lord, that's why he came to help to carry your sins/burdens, even in health/pains trials.) Can' be save while on drugs, alcohol, gambling, immoral behaviors, viewing prone or, satanic/demonic values that first needs to be banded and replace with good values.
This style of attitude: song; SAVED BY Zero or,-(NOBODY) isn't going to make a good life for him/herself or anyone else. Avoid at all costs this person doesn't want to be SAVED ("maybe") + no one can save them. I don't like this personality at all.
On the this revealing Bio of Geo. Noory, read the bottom page about his book on THE LIGHT. The  first chapter on Ouija boards. As you can read he has talent in writing stories.

They have other  personality traits also, component's of or from sociopaths. This song is the best song to show those behaviors. (Manson Murders)

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