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Have We Lost America?

BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES NEED PREPARE FOR THE ELECTION AS I F AT WAR! One clue was: We've lost America when President Obama sneaked in, (mostly men, 100,000 religious fanatics refugees in. America's righteous Christians and friends will have to fight, and together make plans to get her back with God's help. Image result for shoebat news
The America people, for the most part, are ignorant by listening to main stream media. The people are not listening to who said it, and what is not said...and, to connect the dots.
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Hillary or Romney? If we could get Romney to Run?
Who are you?
Alex Jones

If your a Democrat and you want the country back we need to get rid the old performers out of power in which they'll need to continue their Satanic controls.

The Democrat Plans: Is a stage with it picked player to push in Hillary to keep their power by manipulating the whole Democratic ticket. She should have been removed already all of which proves it all a set-up.
She is a Gatekeeper [Pyronia tithonus]. and, hear tell, "crooked, slithering liar," who has sold her soul to the devil. This sociopath and Sanders have taken money from Planned Parenthood, yet nothing in the debates reveal their disrespect for a human life and all are crude and offensive to the lives of these children.

Actors: Like Bernie Sanders and all the others running are just decoys or Obama's dummies to make the party look presentable. To foil this plan we need (one) to divide and conquer with one of our own that's not a part of this
Obama will go down in history as a trador Pres. of America and sold her out. His up bringing taught him suicide bomber's will have glorious rewards in heaven.

Is this anonymous right how can you tell if its Washington wolves? Is it a bunch of parotic kids or impersonators who can tell if they wear masks that the foe can and will copy? Lately do you feel everything coming to a head? (It's plans will be foiled by God)

Dealing with this Washington group, we all want a mask? Whistle blowers today can die and/or have accidental deaths. However, the point here; as to this video is making it's best to be careful with these so called anonymous groups, some are good and, some are not but imposters.

Because, as referred to in this last YouTube, in  passing Donald Trump by these illuminist who don't want to losing their power/control. A good strategy is to add a strong Republican ticket for President and Vice President and head them off to back the people we'll want in drop our egos and work together for a cause.

Its time is ripe for "CHANGE POLITIIC'S."
Image result for barbra streisand obama
They've lied:  Barbra Streisand will release a $25 million tell-all is due to be published in 2017, but sources said the devious diva will leak a sensational account about her long-rumored affair with former Bill Clinton just ahead of the 2016 election!
“Barbra is out to torpedo Hillary’s campaign!” a source told The ENQUIRER. Barbara was kicked  out of the White House so their is no love lost between Michelle.

*We have been screwed:  Welfare to meet Muslim' demands, when they do American's will not have access to their needs.
*Obama admit he's Muslim. So, why is he so late in announcing this? Why not before his election?  He has converted most of his cabinet to take-over his power of this county. The other government, named is religion. We will not be able to get all the Muslim refugee immigrations of their families out of this country. All of it will have a rippling effect to our economy in the future, and cause a famine the likes of never seen  (Then why is he gay. Isn't this against this religion?) His partner is his wife...(see YouTube...shocked) now makes sense. Connect the dots. Next question which one is running our country?
He has set-up America's social system for his agenda's to aide religionists fanatic's form of government. We have lost America, by being apathy. Obama care set up for his needy people (Muslim and refugee and Wall Street.

Oh, yes to win your going to need to team up with a gutsy non political viper person like Trump. The Republican party is afraid of his guts and power whose ideas could stop them. So Obama has already brought in his militia/guns for war; to organize if need be. This man'  s intent is evil for all  Christian's...they kill Christian's remember?
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Click here for Author and video
.........................................CAN IT GET WORSE...more LIES?

Power Grids: Each state need to disconnect_ to all State/federal/Wall Street, governmental power grids, to form States solar and Green energy's company's. Ventura's done it, small scale and get solar powered generators as soon as possible while available!

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Trump for President and Cruz for Vice President
or, vise versa (Think! then plan actions...our enemy's are doing so too)

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