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You may not like Donald Trump who said:  "send the ISLAM-' that's not recognized as an American RELIGION but, another counties governmental regime moving in on our constructional laws!" We have made a division between church and state. Now the old bureaucracies are upset because Trump told these invaders to go home and he added their families too, who get paid for their children's suicide bombings here.
However, he's the only political candidate who would do it and not give a dam about the political consequences for doing so, or who didn't like it. He doesn't need the Islamism's money.
It was said only the younger and ignorant generation is following Trump, and they shall confound the wise.  
The talk shows views say the only ones following Trump is the poor ignorant yatta, yatta. Why, because that's their agenda that may persuade the best people to stop following him to win and over turn their power/control. After all these "stupid" people only vote and no money for their campaigning...right?
I also believe these crooks trying to stay in power manipulate candidates polls which can prove anything and/or who would put Trump on their news media. They can't do better, but he's well known with money.

Did you read the story about; Embedded image permalink

The school child who sued for millions +won; ("the school/clock and this young kid?") Who's learned our laws and parent put him up to it in the first place, or, who fed it?
Point:  They're learning how to manipulate our systems for gain, plus, bringing more family's in later after they're settled in America.

Why we're they sneaked in?

 Should MOSQUE's be monitored? See news (some guns i.e were inside)

The reason H. Clinton is going to be re elected is because she's a part of this evil empire illuminati (New World Order) who are just a bunch of Satanic Worshipers. (ISIS read who armed them)
What to defend and watch out for is;

How they will do it is, as they've done in the past, is control the election ballots, with media and cybernetic hacks the government is in controls. They can over-turn our votes with it computer hacks + with influences of their new religion.

 This is their new take over. Pay attention to what's really up here:

Secondly, Hillary's  got money (our taxes match their funds, so you pay too and money fed by some others in her party as an example: from planned parenthood (Bernie Sanders too) in a most disgusting manner, by sell baby parts for research. Big Pharma's need these parts and cells i.e. too.
THE BIG DECIET IS: Why isn't this talk about on main media?...She'd lose. Poliousky,  Bernie Sanders.  and other's also of the republican party never mentioned. WHY?
Hillary's the "BLACK WIDOW" SPIDER,  who used her husband then eats him. She knows if Trump is elected, she maybe prosecuted for her crimes.
Embedded image permalink

 You need to read more, your  not keeping up with the real issues and regurgitation but the old....
By Tal Kopan, CNN copied my analogy of the Trojan horse idea. Jerk.

Something's up? (refugees) The public who's afraid of all this will eventually rise up against them. (Your so right ISIS is USIS....)

Putin tells everyone exactly who created ISIS

Rebullal: Donald Trump and Alex Jones I heard some really awful , reports on You Tube of Obama and first lady and "other reports". If they are true? All the money they've gotten from their office should be return to America for their crimes with now elitist benefits.

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