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Soul Traveling, (by views of others)

While we sleep, our souls can hover above the physical body, unless we are traveling in some realms.  This is how we recharge our astral bodies at night, we are still linked to the body via the silver cord. :)  This is why when you send healing to someone while you are out of body and they hover like that, it's more effective, since the healing energy doesn't need to go thru their physical body and your physical body. :)
See   for soul travel info.
Author Alfred Webre, known for his work in exo politics. Webre discussed topics from his latest book, The Omniverse, which delves into transdimensional intelligence, time travel, teleportation, and the secret space program and colony on Mars. Exopolitics, he explained, is the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse (multiple universes). While it would be practical for a planetary organization like the UN to get involved with communications between Earth and an alien civilization, the UN is currently controlled by select nations and doesn't really represent the populace, he commented. Webre favors the development of a kind of digital democracy, in which each citizen could cast a vote on policy.
Citing the revelations of whistleblowers like Andrew Basiago (who claimed to be a participant in a CIA Mars visitation program in 1980), Webre stated that covert technologies such as time travel and teleportation are based on similar methodologies. Webre said he and Basiago have worked on a Mars Treaty, as part of a larger Outer Space accord. This is in opposition to the US' stealth strategy to make Mars the "51st state," colonizing the planet, and mining its minerals, he detailed. Webre also talked about the nature of souls, which he described as holographic fragments that are part of the divine source.

THE BENEFITS OF SOUL TRAVEL: This is mostly a reporter's (Catholic) views

OBE (out of body experience or astral travel) and ESP (extra sensory perception) allow you to meet the kids you will be parent of and see basic info about the mom or dad or even meet the other parent. Sometimes just a few details, but if you repeat the process of ESP or soul travel you can get more details - the tricky part is recalling it all once you return to the body.

For more info on astral travel, see  (or, for more remote viewing remote viewer groups),

...met the mom or dad of your future kids, then it is a fun and good idea to do your best for the rest of your life to surround him/her in love, compassionate loving kindness and positive happy energies many times every hour (at least once) - as this facilitates telepathy, understanding and a super happy family. :)
♥ When I first met a person (not really meeting as in talking, but seeing her), I knew that she might be the pre-birth plan choice, since she did look like the astral one - and with each passing week there is more confirmation. But of course, not everyone knows for sure at first, since in general, on Earth there are almost always 10-50 people who look and sometimes even behave alike - so much so, it's ultra easy to confuse one with the other. So, if you ever meet someone and are not sure, that's fine, time will clarify it to you, you can even use ESP and/or soul travel to figure things out.

When a pre-birth plan is approved by the more evolved beings in charge, it's based on which pairing among all people leads to the best outcome for the whole planet and galaxy. :) Sometimes spirit guides don't release all details at once, to prevent over-excitement, over-emotionalism, mistakes and emotional reactions - releasing more info only as things progress. :)

If you are somewhat telepathic or clairaudient while in the body or if you astral travel and meet the future kids (who may be wiser and more experienced souls than yourself), you can ask the future kids how to best love "mom" or "dad" while you talk to them, :), since they know her/him better since in the spirit world they have full knowledge and far more awareness of the soul history of the parents, etc. You can even print a page or make an electronic post it note and put it where you see it easily, reminding you to send Love to him/her and all beings on Earth too, since the more loving kindness, the faster world peace comes about. In a loving peaceful family great telepathy and astral travel ability can flourish since the age of 2 months, as unconditional love creates a field that encourages that spiritual expression. :)

If you want to advance astral sciences, it helps to prepare for your future kid by choosing a partner (you already made a plan before birth, you are just actualizing it and staying on track) who is also into astral travel and who is ok with placing astral travel books, posters, ideas in the bedroom of the kid, so s/he grows accepting this as fact, as possible - not being called "crazy" for talking about his bilocation and "imaginary" spiritual friends.
( vibrations)
As seen from the lives of shamans, mystics, astral travelers, the parents don't have to be shamans traveling 100 times daily astrally or mystics or 24-7 telepaths for a shaman or mystic or telepath to be a child. For example the parents of Padre Pio were very normal, just more spiritual than the average couple, and he was able to astral travel daily, to see and talk to spirits daily, to be telepathic daily with ultra precision, read minds, perform healings and more. I use this as an example since it just happens I read a cute website about him the other day, but there are hundreds of mystics one can use as example from various denominations and religions or spiritual paths.
While we sleep, our souls hover above the physical body, unless we are traveling in some realms.  This is how we recharge our astral bodies at night, we are still linked to the body via the silver cord. :)  This is why when you send healing to someone while you are out of body and they hover like that, it's more effective, since the healing energy doesn't need to go thru their physical body and your physical body. :)

See  and for more soul travel info.

* Paul Smith, Ut.  has remote viewing classes; The world's only official Remote Perception course, taught by retired U.S. Army intelligence officer. Dr. Paul H. Smith, seven-year veteran of the CIA's top secret RV spy program! ADE

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