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Elec. Radiation fields With Healings From Nature; Katie Singer

RE: Electromagneti Fields & currents (Coast to Coast am)
    Image result for feet groundedImage result for feet groundedBack to basic's go barefooted?
(If you have too much Neg. current then ground yourself using your bare feet planted onto the earth but, it has to be on an unpolluted area of the earth; no man made objects such as concrete and as close to natural nature as possible; no metal, wires or inorganic sources or, electric currents such as telephone wiring etc..
Forming a strong connecting with our Earth is the first step in connecting with the divine. With both feet firmly planted on the ground, energy flows up through the right foot, up the right side of the body, crossing over to your left side, flowing down the left side, and out the left foot, back into the Earth. You can think of the body as a having a upside down U shaped channel through which this energy flows, with your right side receiving energy up and the left side sending energy back down as it grounds the neg currents. Consciously rooting yourself into the Earth helps to complete this loop, forming a strong connection with Earth energy, in turn strengthening and focusing your own energy, preparing you to connect with those existing on the Earth plane, or on other planes, such as the Spiritual Realm.

======================================================= Next; got this part from Coast to Coast. I don't do their materials and, they don't do my ideas or opinions either.
 My inspiration was from:
Date:Wednesday - November 18, 2015; C2C

Katie Singer  who is a medical journalist Katie Singer who works on public policy with the Electromagnetic Radiation Policy Institute was joined by Dr. Victoria Dunckley to discuss how electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks, may be related to various psychological and physical issues, especially in children.  (ADHD)           
As a child psychiatrist, Dr. Dunckley has looked into the dangers of screen-time/ wireless exposure and developed a protocol for a temporary "electronic fast" that has been shown to reduce various problems. This three-week fast from Elec. Radiations fields can re-synchronize the body clock, reset the brain chemistry, lower stress hormones, lead to better sleep, and help make an accurate diagnosis possible.
Since the FCC isn't doing it, Singer advocated that we teach children to regulate their cell phone usage. (I say don't give children cell phones.)
One suggestion she made is to consider the cell phone a voice messaging device-- when carrying it around, turn it off and set an alarm for every two hours when the phone can be turned back on to check for messages. This would greatly reduce exposure to constant electromagnetic radiation, she noted.
Another simple technique people can experiment with is to turn the Wi-Fi off at home for 12 hours a day, or at least while you sleep.
Men don't carry the cell in front as it may do damage to reproduction health.
How can we help with the damage? Take your shoes off and blend with the earth's field.
===============Go barefooted================

* Body is being re juiced
*and/or hug a tree (No socks no shoes)
*common sense medicine
* Don't wear plastic i.e
* get away from computers and I-pods if you want health
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