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This was shared publicly this is how some explain SOUL TRAVEL; -  Jun 17, 2014, + quantum entanglement, free astral travel books and proving soul travel is real to yourself quantum entanglement is when 2 particles situated at "infinite" distance somehow act as if they are connected - this is how some explain soul travel, as some call it.

Einstein called it spooky action at a distance. If other dimensional forms of light exist, these forms of light may travel at speeds trillions of times greater than the light we are used to. The video  explains more about entanglement.    Entanglement of known (or yet unknown to science) particles may allow us to see and connect to multiverse ( planets (NASA 'astral' star traveler: where people are said to have attained peace & Immortality. War=death, so only peaceful folks are Immortal.

You can verify for yourself that soul travel is not a dream by conscious astral travel to an area of your house (or a friend's house nearby) where you placed a paper with something unknown to you written on it.  When you return to the body, write down what you saw astrally on that piece of paper (or on a license plate of a car  pretty close to your house that you can easily walk to for verification, or on a street number near a house 1 street  from a major shopping center or some landmark that you can verify later, be it 1 mile away or 20 miles away) and then walk or drive physically to see if it matches the astral travel.  If you use paper method, you can avoid knowing what was on the paper by having it typed randomly with eyes closed or by having a friend type it or arranging with a friend to astral travel to him or her and report to the friend what he was doing at say 3 pm on a given day or what was written on his paper 2 miles away, or 2000 miles away.  You can also go to a public place, or a store, and see an event and then go afterwards 10 minutes later and ask the cashier if indeed, 10 minutes ago there was a guy like that buying this and that, etc.  There are thousands of ways to verify your astral travels by traveling to public places where you would have normal access anyway, see what cars are parked, etc or simply using google+ hangout to talk to a guy who lives 8000 miles away and confirming what is happening in his vicinity near his house - if you want to see long-distance accuracy.  The sky is the limit.  You can go to the astral dimension where you were before being born, remember the purpose of your coming to this world, visit off-planet worlds.

Helpful Free E-books, Videos and Links with Info on SOUL TRAVEL research:
Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon, founded, a 200 acre research campus that studies astral travel and all related ESP events.  Many Nobel Laureates investigated psychics and Edgar Mitchell even wrote a book about proofs for ESP ►

Alex Tanous was a frequent astral traveler who was very investigated, see this 3 min clip for his remote viewing via astral travel ►   Skeptics say NDEs (near-death experiences) and OBEs (out of body experiences) are brain imagery.  However, the healthy by-standers can participate in the NDE of the dying, suggesting NDEs are not illusions caused by the lack of oxygen, as skeptics often argue ►

In a 2013 PLOS ONE paper ►, scientists concluded that NDEs are likely not imagined events:).  The 1 hr video on NDEs ► confirms the research finding that during NDEs people see future events (as in 5 min clip girl sees her unborn brother heart♥ issue) or objects 100s of feet or miles away.  
This 9 min clip details more visions ►   For unique NDEs, see, that site has over 3500 cases.

Scientists in Shanghai found that quantum action happens at minimum 10, 000 times the speed of light ►, one day they could realize some things (soul body speed?) are a trillion times faster.. than the "maximum" speed.

See also a 25 min video on astral travel research by Alex Tanous:  Alex  explained in the video how he believes we will become physically "IMMORTAL" one day, i.e. we live in this dimension as long as we want.  :)   Alex shared at 7min22sec of the clip how the scientific understanding of spirit/astral energy will enable us to attain physical Immortality - just like understanding electricity brought us a lot of progress in medicine.

Other astral travelers have shared that on other planets, humanoids are "Immortal" and live in Peace.  :)  Albert Taylor quit his NASA Space station job to do astral space travel.  He's been crew chief for U2 planes, had secret clearance for 27 years. He believes he visited other planets via astral body ( His book ( details his travels; here's a video of him:

The fact 2 people recall their astral conversation, shows that astral travels are not dreams, but real events, as shown in this 2 min video ►  

Luis and his sister both recall how they went in downtown Atlanta area astrally, even though they were living very far from each other ►, this was a real event.  This is very common where people (not relatives, just friends) living on different continents have a shared astral experience that they can verify with each other.


There is a pdf file with 777 pages about astral travel at Robert Bruce website  See also this 5 min clip about a special astral travel technique:  William Buhlman of 48 min talk has more ideas on astral travel:  William talks for 85 min about OBE and consciousness in this clip ►

Robert Monroe projected many times and founded  and here is a talk of his ►  You will like the 3 books Robert Monroe (who died in 1995) wrote.  I found them online.  First one is "Journeys out of Body" (1971) at  Second one is "Far Journeys" (1985) at  Third one is  "Ultimate Journey" (1994) - [page 51-53 he mentions encounter with a 1800 year old guy] at

For more astral travel resources and classes, see, and too.  Waldo Vieira created, a research center with many sister centers focused on astral research. Graham was able to time travel astrally and see an event 5 days before it happened ►  For more on Graham's astral travels see this 1 hour interview ► is a 10 minute video with astral traveler Jurgen Ziewe from   Jurgen is sharing a nice audioclip that can help some beginners to astral travel at at the bottom of the page, right click and download the mp3 file.  Repeat play and try to astral travel.  Nanci Trivellato explains in this video the process of inducing OBE using the movement of energies up and down ►

There are dozens of common methods of astral travel, what happens is people try some or all of them and then find one (or two or three) that works for them best (some methods will work best for certain folks, but not for others), depending on their total soul history and what part of the astral is easier to detach given the condition of their astral-physical body.  Usually you just try to have eyes closed, become completely relaxed (full body relaxation, toes to the top of the head) and then practice one of the techniques, such as relaxing and being open to receiving help from the Immortals or Ascended Beings or spirit Helpers or whatever name you like (angels, etc), or roll over technique, or moving energy up and down via your will power from head to toes until the astral body becomes loose and can detach easily a copy of itself, or trying to lift your astral leg first, the rope technique, etc.  You can google or search on youtube for "astral travel techniques or methods" or related things for hundreds of more articles and videos, all free, no need to buy any book;  some people astral travel in 2 days after being taught, others in 20 years.

Many use autogenic relaxation ( before astral travel or before programming positive thoughts such as "i make selfless daily astral travel in service to humanity a very popular hobby, maybe as much as sports are today".


Also interesting (it's up to the reader to do astral research to determine which cases are genuine, as i already know some are fake) are the following 29 videos on eating qi/astral energy :) (no food) fora few days or years or decades:  Living people:

3 (12+ years)
8  (20+ years)
15 (50+ years)
16 (11+ years)
19 (tea for 14 years)

Former people who lived without food:
1 Louise Lateau
2 Fu Hui, the Taoist nun
3  Anne Catherine Emmerich (12 years)
4 Maria Furtner (52 years)
5 Helen of Enselmini and Elizabeth the Good
6 Mary Ann de Paredes
7 Mary J. Fancher
8 Maria Domenica Lazzeri
9 Guang Qin

  qi=energy or qi=mc2. 
Found seventeen astral projection (soul travel, out of body, etc) books, available to anyone for free, especially useful for those who want to use soul travel to bring a better world:

1.  "Adventures beyond the body" W. Buhlman

2.  "The secret of the soul" by W. Buhlman

3.  "Journeys out of Body" (1971) by Robert Monroe at  Monroe died in 1995 at the age of 80.

4.  "Far Journeys" (1985) by Robert Monroe at

5.   "Ultimate Journey" (1994) by Robert Monroe [page 51-53 he mentions encounter with a 1800 year old guy] at  

6.   "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce, 778 pages (2007), at the author's website:

7.  "Mastering Astral Projection - 90 Day Guide to the out of body experience" - Robert Bruce (2005) -

8.  "Astral Projection Guidebook" by Erin P. (a less detailed book, 115 pages, 2013, very short and easy to read, lots of her experiences included) at

9.  "Astral travel for beginners"  by Richard Webster (226 pages, 2001) at  A great book with a lot of information and verified cases of astral travel, with a lot of information about other books and experiments done last 140 years, excellent as a reference for giving to skeptics who want to research more.

10.  "The Projection of the Astral Body" by Sylvan Muldoon (1929, 248 pages).     Sylvan died in 1971, at the age of 68.  The book was co-written by psychic researcher Carrington, but it was Muldoon who had the astral travels. It's one of the earlier classics that started this whole astral research in the West.

11.   "Astral Projection: A record of out of body experiences" by Oliver Fox, who died in 1949 at the age of 64. This was published in 1962 and it has some of his experiences.  Just 160 pages.

12.  "Practice of Astral Projection" by Robert Crookall  An older book from 1960 with 160 experiences from many people.  He died in 1981 at the age of 91.  Wrote many books on astral travel.

13.  "Astral Projection" by Yram (1967, 253 pages) at  Yram's real name was Dr. Marcel Louis Forhan and he was born in 1884 in France and died in 1917 in China.  The book has many of his experiences.

14.  "Astral Projection Notes" - by Donald DeGracia (1994) - the intro says this pdf can be shared widely with anyone on the Internet, as long as it's shared entirely.  He is sharing his projections and his interpretations.

There are other less interesting astral travel books, which have fewer interesting personal experiences:

15.  "Astral Projection for Beginners" by Edain M. (254 pages, 1999) at

16.  "The astral projection workbook" by James H. Brennan (146 pages, 1989) at  Please note that James is not an astral expert, but an author who published 100 books, so he is more like recycling/writing stuff than sharing new ideas from an extensive personal astral travel experience.

17.  "Out of Body Experiences" by Robert Peterson (1997) at his website:  He is a computer programmer who also does obe in his spare time.

International ESP Olympiad (soul travel, telepathy, telekinesis, seeing spirits, communicating with spirits, etc) can start and in 50 years 100 nations could take part.  In 1959, the International Math Olympiad started and today 100 nations take part.  Are you interested in taking part in this ESP contest?  Right now Math, Chemistry, Physics, etc Olympiads have County and National Olympiads in participating nations too.  Let us know in the comments or via email.

Wikipedia has more on the Math Olympiad ►   While this Olympiad is for teens, the ESP Olympiad can have 2 Contests, one for ages 8-20 and another for ages 21-35.

General Ideas for the ESP Olympiad:

In Physics and Chemistry there are practical and theoretical exams of 5 hours each.  In ESP Olympiad we can have 4 exams of 2.5 hours each, but if someone wants to only take part in the soul travel exam, they can do that if their skills in Telekinesis, etc are weak.

Exam number 1:  SOUL TRAVEL/TIME TRAVEL - see objects and events in a secret room in real present time.  TIME TRAVEL to see what has happened in a secret room in the past and what is planned to occur in the future in a secret room.

Exam number 2:  CLAIRVOYANCE-CLAIRAUDIENCE  - use the ability to see to gather information about a person located 10 feet away one cannot possibly know otherwise, without soul travel or remote viewing.  A subset of this can be psychometry, using an object of someone to identify information about that person. :)

Exam number 3:  TELEKINESIS/TELEPATHY/REMOTE VIEWING (mind reading and seeing things in another room as if you are there, but without going fully in that room as in soul travel) - if one is good at moving light objects, one can try do that alone without telepathy.  :)  Depends on the person. :)

Exam number 4:  USING CHI/ENERGY/HEALING to Heal people of different ailments when doctors have given up on them and have given people only say "40 days to live" - proving there is more to life than the "present stone age medical science".  Let's recall in the 1830s, the "know it all" types were giving mercury, quinone and other poisons to people to "cure them".  Discovery Channel explained this many times, today same thing goes on.  Science often becomes like fanatical fundamentalist religion (Catholic church killing Giordano Bruno for saying his beliefs in reincarnation and earth rotating around the Sun, proven later), in the sense that, the ego of scientists confuses Truth with the relative perceptions of science of a given century.  Just like the vitriol between Catholics and Protestants, the vitriol among scientists is there when a new theory challenges the old theories.

Anyway, if you have any ideas or want to make suggestions or want to volunteer to help bring about this INTERNATIONAL ESP OLYMPIAD, you can email me at aip at :)  If more people think about these things, maybe we get enough Thought energy manifested to start something, or someone starts it, if we fail to start it. :) 

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