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C2C: Code Red, Elecions Frauds i.e.

Why and who is behind some of the election frauds?
This particular election season is projected to have cost nearly $4 billion, a new midterm election record! A lot of that money came from organizations that take secret, undisclosed donations — donations the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision made possible. But is that secret money well spent? Could these shady sources have spent that secret cash on better secret things? Take a look
This enterprise is dead, only its spirit remains to haunt us.

Voting fraud, as many of us know. It's using intimination, with subliminal corrupted messages as they know well what they've done. Stay Home it don't matter we've got it in the bag.

THE PEOPLE have lost the rights to vote for whomever we want because Money rules.

The music at the end of this post is appropriate to the them. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS

Computers make tracing who do it impossible

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Total Secret Money Spent: $35,464,243
Who They Are: A lobbying group that represents businesses and industry associations.

What They Secretly Spent That Money On: Attack ads on candidates that want to end “corporate inversions,” where American corporations dodge U.S. taxes by moving their headquarters to other countries.

What They Should Have Secretly Spent That Money On: Developing a chemical that, when inhaled, fools the human brain into thinking other countries are part of the United States.
The American Crossroads GPS definitely could have spent more secret money on their awful logo.

American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS
Total Secret Money Spent: $26,015,174
Who They Are: A conservative Super PAC and 401©(4) founded by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.
What They Secretly Spent That Money On: Candidates that support their platform of making sure Obama gets nothing done, ever.

What They Should Have Secretly Spent That Money On: Just straight up getting rid of Obama.

National Association of Realtor s
Total Secret Money Spent: $10,699,423

Who They Are: A trade organization that spends money to support real-estate agents and brokers. It is somewhat bipartisan but spent nearly double on Republicans this election.

What They Secretly Spent That Money On: Candidates that have pro–real-estate interests.

What They Should Have Secretly Spent That Money On: Houses, man. Tons of houses.

What They Should Have Secretly Spent That Money On: A sick medium-budget gun-fu movie that will get us all excited to own guns again. Like Equilibrium 2. (?)

National Rifle Association
Total Secret Money Spent: $10,584,795
Who They Are: A pro-gun lobbying group.

What They Secretly Spent That Money On: Ads endorsing pro-gun candidates and attacking anti-gun candidates.



Spent the Most Secret Money this Election Season and What They Should Have Spent it on Instead


What could you have added to By Matt Klinman November 04, 2014 report?

Apathic Nation; Does it all matter anymore? No one fights...less vote
This first part is from C2C if it stays ? on Code Red AND ELECTION FRAUDS

Nice CtoC show on Seniors, which is at the end of this video. The first part is on voting fraud and how they've discovered it. It's why the voting is declining. Government conspiracy, fowl, Illuminati' (New world order?) and elections are seal by the votes of the members of CA Bohemian Grove which seals USA fate. Romney does not belong to these groups...
Do we want another Bush or President Bill Clinton wife? It looks like this is the way were are going. So...are you going to vote?

TenPenny went too far; Silenced by Australia's Aussia Vaccine Mafia

TenPenny, has she gone to far or not far enough with her USA freedom of speech. You'd better believe she was promoting her book and ideas in the wrong Pugh.

Vaccine Update;
First hour guest of C2C Dr. Sherri Tenpenny spoke about the dangers of vaccines, and the controversy that ensued in Australia, when venues canceled her upcoming seminars, due to a pro-vaccination group's efforts. Now, her visa to Australia may be revoked, Tenpenny said, lamenting that free speech was being quashed. We know that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program in the US has awarded damages for autism in children in at least 12 cases, "and autism is just the most extreme form of vaccine injury," with brain inflammation listed as a possible side effect on most of the vaccines, she remarked. .+ more...
What Bill Gates done to this issue Vaccines, more bad news:

My middle child ended up with whooping cough and surgery on a navel that ruptured because of the violet coughing spells for a yr old baby following her advice. We lived on an acker farm and had better than average foods. It takes three months for a child to get over this awful disease. My children had their basics vaccines after this, no boosters. Yes, I have a ADHD child, and he is treating it along with his child who has the same. She has calmed down and now getting good grades.
 Mom didn't give me vaccines and I have this disease also. so, go figure?
Their are a lot more chemicals in our environment besides the ones in vaccines not being considered. My Mom  and Dad followed the crop when work was sparse. We worked as a family and had plenty of sprayed fruit and chemicals on our fruit and in the fields that migrant workers have to endure.
Animals have vaccines and you eat them every day....I could go on

Vaccines for Boy will prove an embarrassment



Every one want control of our money, to own our basics such as herbs, vitamins, foods or whatever they can make money off what we buy and do and become wealthy and powerful.

This was of interest to me because the FDA has closed some herbs I used down from their whores the drug company's.

Any drugs and, with the ones I like Hemp which is legal in Washington but, not in my state, capsize comfrey, and ma Huang all of which I like to use for asthma. The drug market know they cure. You can't have that and them make money. That's one of the best kept secret games they play for their monopoly the winner stock investors.

Bit coins used/traded on this Dark Net (may have found a reason to buy this confederate coins,) so no traces of money can be traced back to you when buying illegals on the dark internet. Child porn, hookers, and bumping off your mate i.e. were some of the most awful crimes. But, you can bet the law maybe buying on the other end for entrapment's.

George Knapp was joined by author and media researcher Jamie Bartlett for a discussion on the Dark Net, an online underworld which exists in the most secretive corners of the web. "We have, alongside the Internet that we all know, a separate, encrypted part of the Internet," he said, describing the Dark Net. This realm of cyberspace, Bartlett explained, cannot by found via search engines nor explored using traditional browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.

Those who wish to access the Dark Net must use a special browser known as 'Tor,' which shrouds the identity of the user and allows them to visit up to 60,000 clandestine websites. "Because of the way it is all hidden and secret," he mused, "more or less anything goes."

To that end, Bartlett detailed one of the most notorious sites on the Dark Net known as 'Silk Road.' He likened the site, which was shut down by the FBI in 2013, to a black market version of eBay that allowed users to buy and sell drugs, counterfeit paperwork, and other illicit items.

The site proved so popular that, over the course of its brief existence, Silk Road is believed to have facilitated transactions totaling over a billion dollars and spawned twenty to thirty similar illegal exchange sites.

Bartlett also detailed how there are sites which feature alleged hit men brazenly advertising their 'skills' for prospective clients. While these assassins' sites have been verified by many visitors to the Dark Net, the actual veracity of the would-be killers remains a mystery.

During his appearance, Bartlett also discussed his research into the allure of anonymity in cyberspace and the subculture of Internet trolls.
Does this all lead back to you? Just to get Tor makes you a suspect for the FBI and agencies. This is the site that Edward Snow suggessed because it's the best encrypted browser.
I use StartPage and DuckGuckGo for searches and my blog (google does not function well using them,) however, they are not the same as Tor.

Why is it dangerous?

The deep web is dangerous for a bunch of different reasons. Here are a few:
-Law enforcement officials are watching: The deep web is relatively unknown to most average citizens. However, the police and law enforcement agencies around the world know all about the deep web and regularly monitor it. Now that the deep web has become a more common term, drug marketplaces like Silk Road are going to continue being shut down and its users monitored. If you visit the deep web without Tor or a proxy, you might receive a knock at your door from your local LEOs.
-Malware and viruses: Whenever someone asks me how to prevent viruses on their PC, I say they shouldn’t visit untrustworthy websites. On the deep web, most websites are untrustworthy and run by criminals. Visiting the wrong site could infect your computer with a serious virus. McAfee just released a comprehensive report about malware on the deep web and found millions of malware entries and malicious individuals lurking online.
This is George Knapp on C2C about the Dark Internet, so I do need to give suggestion on The Hat man, i.e 

Remember: we can attract evil so don't feed into it or warm by its flame or you'll burn if too close. Karma, its the other side. Such  as;
Vampires, Dracula, weir wolves, Reincarnations, all scorers, magic, voodoo, palmistry, Ouija board, evil apparitions, evil-hauntings, Wicca, witch craft's, blk eyed kids, Slinder/Shadow men, psychic medium's, exorcisms, are all demonic satanic sources scare you,  mentally make you crazy, lead you astray, kill you or others and most of all to lead you away from Christ and his purpose for coming. There are some others in paranormal area, people who eat people...
Satan hates light, picks on innocents, + or ignorance's, (remember, intelligence is light too. but, you'd better believe its old experienced Satan up to using fear to control you

..."for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light 2 cor 11:14..." If he can do that he can appear to fool, use scare tactic's, bogeyman, hat man, slender man i.e. in many other forms.
 He hates any light, and picks on innocents, ignorance, but you'd better believe its him or one of his angels.
*Knapp has won the prestigious Peabody Award twice and 19 Emmy Awards.   Nine times, he has won the Mark Twain Award for best news writing from the Associated Press. And in 1990, his series about UFOs was selected by United Press International as best in the nation for Individual Achievement by a Journalist.