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Geo Noory  interviewed author; Russell Gold's, (a Wall Streeter's version of FRACKING Bomb i.e. How much do they get paid for these "SPAM" book and their propaganda? Is corporations using and buying into these shows to influencing  their audience with these book shows/hosts+guests...for what price? Who all on the pay-rolls?" Maybe not, but maybe we should begin to take notes on what is being sold and why.

("This energy reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Russell Gold, discussed his work covering the hotly contested subject of fracking. Everyday one hundred wells in the U.S. are drilled and hydraulically... fractured - or fracked. Fracking...he explained,"
  RE: NOORY unfortunately seemed as the listener, educated on this as he went along with Gold's selling his book and the fracking agenda.

Afterward, I commented on Coast to Coast's YouTube . It turn out to be a big contradiction to not only freedom of speech but subject to whether you agree or disagree with him and guest on this hot subject of "FRACKING.' (I found the same on John B Well's You Tubes also which I no longer load either (Share i.e.) let them do their own advertising.) 
Was Noory so threatened he purposely took out the show because of the negative comment on the show and fracking? Seems squirrely, however, maybe it was a subject matter that didn't go over that well? I no longer will listen to this show as this defeated it purpose. Who is the show for? Maybe the guest's and Noory can have a closed party and charge us for listen to their own opinions which they did?.

No, I will use my "influence and power for good," as promise, to encourage people not to buy this Wall Street book and fracking hat would destroy the environment, (chemical gases are released, unearthed soil and rocks caused earthquakes as in Ohio and other places. This is all for oil corporation investors, such as they did with corn energy that destroyed most of the organic corn and soil.
The destroying of comments, for whatever reasons, will not stop the movement of stopping this environmental disaster by oil company's and it's spam or red herrings.