Saturday, November 28, 2015

Edward Snowden on Cyber Attacks

War has moved into sabotaging other countries (Cyber war attacks) and controlling us through computes. When you hear bad words condemning Snowden; just remember set ups (government maybe setting up rebuttals they want you to hear. They're doing it all over the net trying to correct data that makes them look bad. !. Problem is the GOVERNMENT is trying break the programs and crack into the networks and basically extort or bribe companies into handing information over or creating backdoor vulnerabilities so the NSA can get in. But creating backdoors means others can used them too from petty criminals, terrorists to foreign governments.

1. Who puts the major party candidates into the government? If you are voting for a candidate that you see on televised debates or covered in the mainstream news daily, you are voting for a candidate that is receiving free advertisement from the big businesses that own those media networks and also fund and lobby the two major parties. So, we can say that we live in a business-run state. Ultimately, we should not blame the government, but the voters for continuing to vote for these two business-owned parties (i.e., democrats and republicans). If you want someone to blame, look no further than yourself if you vote for these neo-feudal corporate fascists who mainly about money.

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( "CyberWar Threat" ) Watch now, Nova have a take off the net date?

Snowden: "I think the public still isn’t aware of the frequency with which these cyber-attacks, as they’re being called in the press, are being used by governments around the world, not just the US. But it is important to highlight that we really started this trend in many ways when we launched the Stuxnet campaign against the Iranian nuclear program. It actually kicked off a response, sort of retaliatory action from Iran, where they realized they had been caught unprepared. They were far behind the technological curve as compared to the United States and most other countries. And this is happening across the world nowadays, where they realize that they’re caught out. They’re vulnerable. They have no capacity to retaliate to any sort of cyber campaign brought against them."