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AUTHOR; Russell Gold's, a Wall Streeter's has his versions in his book, THE FRACKING Bomb. This is some corporation's "SPAM" book to their propaganda? How much did Gold get paid? These men have destroy our food, air, and earth with much rippling effects. Now, another venture since the corn venture didn't work out. Was it better when the bootlegged whiskey than ruined our soil with round up chemicals. ("This "energy" reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Russell Gold, discussed his work covering the hotly contested subject of fracking. Everyday one hundred wells in the U.S. are drilled and hydraulically... fractured - or fracked. Fracking...he explained," On an interview he seems squirrely, however, maybe it was a subject matter that didn't go over that well on the show or with other commenter's? I can no longer will listen to this sneaky attempt of advertising on shows as he does not reveal he worked for Wall Street on this book when reviewed. If your book is going to advertising this kind of strategies please let all of us know, especially how, what and by whom?... No, I will use one of my gifts(PAB): "influence and power for good," as promise, to encourage people not to buy this Wall Street book ON fracking as it would destroy the earth's resources;releases chemicals and gases (see in documentary YouTube below the water is on fire in a building);chemically treated and unearthed soil, and rocks causing earthquakes such as in Ohio; leaves unearthed ground holes and-empty mine shafts. I was told to be generous in teaching "THE LAWS OF NATURE," all of which man is now destroying, and don't forget this is apart of it as fracking will also destroy the water supply. Fracking will be backed-up by obviously ignorant corporation/investors; same as; with their corn energy that destroyed most of the organic corn leaving 90 % of corn not fit for pig to eat and passes their bi-products on to human s.) and to our soil, that is full of chemicals and with round-up in corn and mother's breast milk then baby's. Fracking would contribute more toxins to all living ecosystems that will have a rippling effect on all live forms. Where are the stops and how and when are we going to stop them? Don't buy their books, one and the documentary gives other suggestion. Lets destroying this of kinds of commercialism, it will slow down its movement in investors/Wall Street stocks by oil company's. They'll use these book mediums' to send out big red herrings to the uninformed public and that's their aim.
The next option is to sue these corporation and make them pay for restitution of earth, lands, of plant life, animal and human's health. If we don't begin the process and do this, they'll destroy something else in nature for more profits.